Forward Festival 2017

The third edition of the Forward Festival is happening this week on December 7th and 8th at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn. We are bringing together an inspiring mix of established and up and coming creative musicians in a showcase of some of the most exciting experimental music happening in NYC today. These are two music-filled nights not to be missed!

The Forward Festival 2017 features Daniel Carter, Hilliard Greene, Federico Ughi, Kid Millions, Sarah Bernstein, Paul Flaherty, Matthew Putman, Andrew Lamb, Warren Smith, L'Rain, Patrick Holmes, Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II, a special guest unnamed iconic guitarist, Jimmy Lee, Nick Dimopoulos, Micah Gaugh, Duane Eubanks, Greg Lewis, Gene Moore, Gene Janas.

Thursday December 7th

Kid Millions and Sarah Bernstein
Tense Life album release party
Sarah Bernstein - Violin, Voice, Processing
Kid Millions - Drums
Paul Flaherty, Gene Moore, Gene Janas, Federico Ughi
Morfina album release party
Paul Flaherty - Alto and Tenor Saxophones
Gene Moore - Guitar
Gene Janas - Bass
Federico Ughi - Drums
Andrew Lamb & Warren Smith
Andrew Lamb - Winds
Warren Smith - Drums, Percussion

Friday December 8th

Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes, Matthew Putman, Hilliard Greene, Federico Ughi
Telepathic Alliances album release party
Daniel Carter - Winds
Patrick Holmes - Clarinet
Matthew Putman - Piano
Hilliard Greene - Bass
Federico Ughi - Drums
Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II
Silenced album release party
Special guest unnamed iconic guitarist
Jimmy Lee - Lapsteel
Nick Demopoulos - Smomid and Guitar
Micah Gaugh - Sax
Duane Eubanks - Trumpet
Greg Lewis - B3 Organ
Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II - Drums
Taja Cheek - Voice, Guitar, Synth
Ben Katz - Saxophone, Synth
Devin Starks - Electric Bass
Buz Donald - Drums

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