Steve Klein: Breaking the Mold - Exhibit, Symposium, and Bill Frisell Concert Celebrate 50 Years of Innovation in the Art of Guitar Building

Guitar building legend Steve Klein - the first person to fundamentally change the design of the steel-string guitar in almost 100 years - celebrates his 50th Anniversary as a luthier in a series of events across the country.

In Concord, MA, the Klein Community together with the Umbrella Community Center for the Arts, presents "Steve Klein: Breaking the Mold – 50 Years of Innovation in the Art of Guitar Building." The exhibit is open daily through October 22nd when it will wrap up with a symposium featuring world renowned guitar builders and an evening concert with Jazz artist Bill Frisell.

Wilson Schünemann, founder of Klein Community in Concord, MA has brought together a rare assortment of electric and acoustic guitars, basses, headless guitars, and even harp guitars from collectors across the country who are passionate about the work of legendary guitar builder Steve Klein.

Mr. Klein is best known for his iconic guitars built for Joni Mitchell, Stanley Clarke, Stephen Stills, Joe Walsh, Sting, and many others. Viewers of the exhibit will learn about the unique innovations behind these instruments through the tools, molds, and stories surrounding these musical works of art on display.

"To have Master Luthier Steve Klein's work here in Concord is a rare treat, " said Wilson Schünemann, Curator of the Exhibit and Founder of Klein Community. "Mr. Klein's work over his 50-year career has inspired guitar builders, musicians, and artists from the US to Japan and we are thrilled to be able to connect him with our community here in New England."

The Breaking the Mold guitar exhibit is open through October 22nd. Visiting hours are M-F from 10-7, and Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 at The Umbrella Community Arts Center, 40 Stow Street in Concord.

The grand finale on October 22nd includes a symposium on contemporary and traditional craftsmanship with luthiers Steve Klein, Steven Kauffman, Ned Steinberger, and Peggy White, as well as lectures from the Museum of Fine Arts and the North Bennet Street School. That evening, jazz legend Bill Frisell will play a concert to wrap up the celebrations.

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