PREMIERE * Canción Andaluza by Paco de Lucía * 30-31 Oct - Madrid *

Andalusian Copla has been an important influence in Paco de Lucía's life from the moment he was born. Already in the cradle, his sister used to sing him lullabies in form of "cuplés" por bulerías. Now they reappear on the posthumous album by Paco de Lucia "Canción Andaluza" as a sign of a new beginning, the beginning of eternity.

This last album is a creation, which was born out of Paco de Lucia's interest and need to reconnect with his inner and deepest roots. A subtle and exquisite work full of maturity where he shares with us his particular vision of Andalusian Copla and proposes, just like on every of his albums, new shapes, new concepts and new musical forms. This time he puts more than ever emphasis on musical expression and sound.

The album received 2 Latin Grammy in 2014 for Best Flamenco Album and Best Album of the Year. Only two weeks after its release the album was already a no.1 bestseller in Spain.

José María Bandera, Paco de Lucia's nephew and heir of his legacy, as well as a regular band member of the legendary sextet, has made an adaptation, arrangements and the musical direction and goes now on stage for the first time with this amazing repertoire to perform these famous songs: María de la O, Señorita, Te he de Querer Mientras Viva, Chiquita Piconera, Romance de Valentía and Ojos Verdes, composed by Quintero, León and Quiroga, as well as other great composers.

For this new and special show, Bandera invited Amir John Haddad – El Amir to form a powerful and solid guitar tandem full of emotion, virtuosity and sensitivity while interpreting faithfully and masterfully some of the songs that the Maestro of Algeciras had chosen for this album "Canción Andaluza".

The band format is a quartet with the following line up:
José María Bandera on guitar, El Amir on guitar and bouzouki, Josemi Garzón on double bass and Israel Katumba on percussion.

"Canción Andaluza" comes alive by the hand of these excellent and prestigious musicians.

The world premiere of such outstanding event took place in his hometown, Algeciras, at the IV Encuentro Internacional de Guitarra Paco de Lucía, the 18Th July 2017 with special guest artist Arcangel.
A perfect frame for his debut.

"It was almost like bringing back on stage the genius of the guitar."
Andalucía Información

30 & 31 October, Teatro de la Luz Philips (Gran Vía)

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