New Label, New Album for Welsh Singer/Songwriter Gwyneth Glyn

ARC Music Productions International has teamed up with Theatr Mwldan in Wales to form a new independent record label, bendigedig. bendigedig is dedicated to producing a limited number of fully supported releases, working on an integrated and sustainable model, in partnership with the artists involved.

Welsh poet, singer and BBC Radio 2 Folk Award (Best Traditional Track) nominee Gwyneth Glyn is the first artist signed to bendigedig and is soon to release her new album 'Tro' worldwide.

The album 'Tro' – Welsh for 'turn' – is the first major solo album from one of Wales' most intriguing and talented artists, with a passion for language who applies her delicate craft and exquisite gift to this compelling new album, which also features Senegal's acclaimed kora player Seckou Keita and BBC Radio 2 Folk Award Winner Rowan Rheingans. The sparse and sensitive use of kora, lapsteel, banjo, crwth (bowed lyre) and bansitar amongst others bring an unexpected sparkle to a mix of traditional and new compositions.

New Album: Tro
Artist: Gwyneth Glyn
Label: bendigedig
Catalogue #: BENDI1
Release date: September 29th 2017
Genre: Singer/songwriter, Welsh folk

Track Listing Tro:

1. Tanau – Fires – 2:56
2. Cân y cŵn – The Song of the Dogs – 3:53
3. Cwlwm – Knot – 3:47
4. Ffair – Fair – 3:50
5. Dig me a hole – 3:42
6. Bratach Shi – 3:04
7. Far ago – 4:02
8. Y Gnawas – The Bitch – 3:39
9. Caerdyni – 3:36
10. What's a girl to do? – 2:56
11. Os na wela'I di – If I Don't See You – 4:29
12. Dan dy draed – Under Your Feet – 3:40
13. Trafaeliais / Kidé-magni – 5:01

Total playing time: 48:55 min.

All tracks composed by Gwyneth Glyn, arr. Dylan Fowler/Gwyneth Glyn, lyr. Gwyneth Glyn
Except track 3 composed by Gwyneth Glyn, arr. Dylan Fowler, lyr. Gwyneth Glyn/Twm Morys
Track 11 composed by Gwyneth Glyn, arr. Dylan Fowler, lyr. Gwyneth Glyn
Track 13 composed by Seckou Keita, arr. Dylan Fowler/Gwyneth Glyn, lyr. trad./arr. Gwyneth Glyn

The much-anticipated second album from Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita will be the second release on bendigedig, due out on April 27 2018. Gwyneth Glyn will support Seckou Keita and Catrin Finch's national UK tour in Spring 2018.

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