Almagest! | "Fun House Mirrors" Album Release

Fun House Mirrors is the fourth album by Almagest!.
Released four years after their last release Messier Objects (Tourette Records 2013), the band has returned with a drastically new sound.

True to its title, Fun House Mirrors is far richly textured and arranged than the piano-led compositions of its predecessor. It consists of truly cinematic compositions, written from a fabric of sensual and disturbing dreams and true to the band's alchemical nature sung in a variety of European and invented languages.

Almagest! is Ernesto Tomasini, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Paul Beauchamp and Evor Ameisie with instrumental contributions by Julia Kent, Marco Schiavo, Maria Mallol Moya and Ramon Moro.

1. Snake Oil
2. Lustighe Ghai
3. Piume
4. Nne
5. Durch den Irrgarten Hindurch

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