New Mikroton Recordings releases — August 2017

mikroton cd 58
Junk & The Beast:
Petr Vrba & Veronika Mayer

Petr Vrba explores non-idiomatic improvisation using trumpets, clarinets, vibrating speakers and other electronics which made him one of the most active experimental musicians in Prague. He works with a lot of projects like Prague Improvisation Orchestra, Poisonous Frequencies, NOIZ, Doppeltrio, Rouilleux and Junk & The Beast.

Veronika Mayer is a composer, musician and sound artist from Vienna. Pure sounds, natural given phenomena and material are the basis for her work, always emphasizing hardly perceptible elements, giving it a reduced but essential form and very clear structures, following the characteristics and inner behaviour of the sound itself. In her electronic performances and instrumental works she explores the continuous evolvement and expansion of single grains of sound. Focusing on the striking results of very smooth and minimal changes in sound manipulation, she observes the slightest differences and variations during these processes of manipulation.

"Trailer" researches the combination of textural materials crossing them with vibrations of objects on the speakers, pure sound waves, feedbacks, tones coming from trumpet, accordion, electronics, and laptop culminating in creation of a muscular frenetic soup and tense energy fields.

Petr Vrba trumpet, clarinet, vibrating speakers, thermos flasks (track 4)
Veronika Mayer electronics, accordion
All tracks recorded June 2014
at CRO Czech Radio Broadcasting Company, Prague
All tracks recorded & mixed by Ladislav Zelezny
Mastered by Ilia Belorukov
Producer and designer: Kurt Liedwart
Photos: Andrea Buettner

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mikroton cd 59
The Elks
Kai Fagaschinski / Liz Allbee / Billy Roisz / Marta Zapparoli
This Is Not The Ant

Dammit, those Elks are exploiting their instruments for no good again. While Marta and Billy seem to have gotten it all wrong regarding their very strange collection of machinery, it's just a careless abuse how Liz and Kai handle their horns. Perhaps from the experimental music scenes of Berlin and Vienna one might expect a rather reduced and elegant sound world, but these Elks have some other ideas in store, and don't mind to get their antlers a little dirty. There is no fear here of the loud, the dramatic, or on occasion, some boorish braying (though they may still tip-toe gently on their hooves or whistle a delightful tune to mock some clueless humans.) BEWARE, "This Is Not The Ant" will take you to the sound areas you chose to keep away from.

Marta Zapparoli has recently become one of the most interesting musicians working with radical technology and tape machines, employing a wide range of techniques and equipment in her work. She builds strongly narrative, imaginative sonic pieces through improvisation with real-time tape manipulation. Besides solo work, projects include duos with Alessandra Eramo and Emilio Gordoa, PXPRD with Martin Kuentz, TOWA with Julie Rousse, ZAPPAROISZ with Billy Roisz, PAREIDOLIA with Liz Allbee, and CIRCUIT TRAINING. Additionally, she plays in Splitter Orchester - their Creative Construction Set was her first release on Mikroton.

Billy Roisz, from Vienna, is an audiovisual and music artist who has been manipulating her video in various formations since 2000. She is a co-founder and member of NTSC / RISC (with dieb13), AVVA (with Toshimaru Nakamura), Skylla (with Silvia Fässler) an Ona (with Ilpo Väisänen). She works with video feedback and audiovisual interactivity exploring the ways sound and image coalesce to form a sprawling experience. That is her fourth release on Mikroton, following Scuba (with dieb13, Burkhard Stangl, and Angélica Castelló), Feedback: Order From Noise, and Borderland (with Angélica Castelló).

Kai Fagaschinski has leapt to prominence in the improv world over the 10 years, with well-received duo projects such as Los Glissandinos (w/Klaus Filip), The International Nothing (w/Michael Thieke) and Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone (w/Kurzmann). His self-taught command of the clarinet is both subtly lyrical and thoroughly modern. This is his third Mikroton release, following 2012's stunning album by Here Comes The Sun trio, and Creative Construction Set by Splitter Orchester.

Liz Allbee is a composer-performer who works with the Imaginarchic potential of sonic material. Recurring themes in her work include extensions & embodiments and their interplay with instruments, everyday objects, and high and low technologies. Besides solo, other projects include Ganzfeld (with Sukandar Kartadinata), The Liz (with Liz Kosack and Korhan 'Liz' Erel), Pareidolia (Zapparoli), and Splitter. This is her third release following her contribution to Echtzeitmusik Berlin compilation in 2012 and Creative Construction Set by Splitter Orchester.

Liz Allbee trumpet, preparations
Kai Fagaschinski clarinet
Billy Roisz electronics, e-bass
Marta Zapparoli tapes, reel-to-reel tape machine, devices
Cover artwork by Liz Allbee
Typing, cutting and glueing by Kai Fagaschinski
Photo collage by Billy Roisz
Recorded at ausland, Berlin on April 7th, 2014 by Rubén Patiño
Mixed by The Elks
Mastered by Werner Dafeldecker

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mikroton cd 70
Kurt Liedwart

Kurt Liedwart, a Moscow-based musician and curator of Mikroton Recordings, developed his own art and sound that cross genres, mixing music practices such as electroacoustic and improvised music, noise and glitch, and art movements such as actionism and Fluxus. He plays a wide-ranging array of instruments such as analog synthesizers, electronics, light-controlled electronics, electromagnetic devices, laptop, sinewaves, field recordings, percussion processed electronically in real time.

"Tone" harnesses the radical aesthetic, knowledge and experience in extreme and reductionist electronics, sometimes coming over to melodic lands, and lies together different and disparate threads of underground movements to create a personal journey through multiplicity of intense abstract layers of electronic and synthetic madness, sometimes conjuring relaxed atmospheres of dronescapes, and cryptic songs.

Kurt Liedwart sythesizers, electronics, light-controlled electronics, electromagnetic devices, radio, artwork
All tracks recorded in 2015–2017 at partisanstudio moscow
Mastered by Ilia Belorukov
Photos by Serge Kolosov

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