Latin Showcase Featuring Apache, Akapellah, Elastic Bond, Los Mesoneros, Rawayana and Viniloversus to be held on July 11 at SOB'S in NY
WHO: Broadcast Music, Inc., (BMI ), The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) and six extremely talented singer/songwriters including Apache, Akapellah, Elastic Bond, Los Mesoneros, Viniloversus, Viniloversus and Rawayana.
WHAT: BMI & The LAMC have joined forces to present 'Focus on Venezuela' music showcase to serve as a festive musical welcome to the LAMC conference. The stage will feature a bevy of original, multitalented singer-songwriters. Although reared on traditional Venezuelan sounds, these performers will provide a blend of hip-hop, rock, pop, alternative and sultry Caribbean rhythms unique to their individual styles. The 'Focus on Venezuela' showcase will serve as the official kick-off to the 2017 LAMC Conference.
WHEN: Tuesday, July 11, 2017, doors open at 8:00 p.m./show begins at 8:30 p.m.
204 Varick St
New York, NY 10014
Tickets can be purchased at the following link:
About the performers:
Apache is a Venezuelan hip hop lyricist from Las Minas City, a neighborhood within the borders of Caracas. He started his career in 1999 with the Caracas hip hop crew Cuarto Poder, who has been credited for reinventing hip hop in Venezuela. He started a solo career in 2008, and has since released five albums. Apache has experimented with different styles and delivery techniques, and pens lyrics that delve into the realities of day-to-day life in Venezuela. His diverse point of view has also inspired him to rap about his personal experience with love and other social issues effecting his beloved nation. His lyrical skills have gained worldwide respect, and have allowed him to travel to countless Latin American countries to spread his message of hope and resilience.
Akapellah's hip hop prowess began to peek in his hometown of Venezuela in 2011, when he won first place in the freestyle battle he was included in. The following year, he's was once again crowned king and celebrated with the release of Como Antes, which was met with great success and raised his awareness in Latin American and the United States. He has performed on various stages across many festivals which has caused his fan base to substantially grow. In 2014 he secured another freestyle title at the South American God Level Fest, which he celebrated with the release of Como Siempre.
Elastic Bond boasts an uplifting sound self-described as 'psychedelic tropical soul.' The band originally started out as a loose studio collaboration between Venezuelan producer-musician Andrés Ponce and Honduran singer-songwriter Sofy Encanto, and soon perfected a distinctive hybrid of funk, hip hop, soul and Latin styles written and performed in Spanish and English. After two independent releases, they signed with Nacional Records in 2013 and released Real. which earned acclaim from various digital and press outlets, and landed placement of their songs on various TV networks. EB recently released their latest album Honey Bun in collaboration with GRAMMY-winner Adrian Quesada as co-producer. This new album presents an organic soul sound with a glaze of hip hop, and it's the band's first vinyl release. Their passion for live performances will live on thru this new release and featured at LAMC.
Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, this four-time Latin GRAMMY-nominated group Los Mesoneros have embarked on their second release entitled Caiga La Noche, which has already been met with praise amongst the Latin community. Although known for a rock-leaning sound, the group opted to move in a more diverse musical direction for this release. Their sound includes an alternative twist coupled with melodic rhythms, guitar and fuzzy beats that cover love, life's experiences, and social politics. Los Mesoneros co-produced Caiga La Noche with Carlos Imperatori, who was mentored by Héctor Castillo and has worked the likes of David Bowie and Phillip Glass, among others. Los Mesoneros will be touring in support of this release.
Rawayana has been an active musical group since 2009. Comprised of Alberto Montenegro, Antonio Casas, Andrés Story and Alejandro Abeijón, all from Caracas, Venezuela, this trippy pop band is characterized by their inventive merging of different rhythms and genres, while always maintaining a Caribbean sound, with a strong influence by reggae. The band has successfully released a handful of albums including indie release Fuego Azul, along with studio albums License to Be Free and Rawayanaland. They have recently released their third studio album entitled Trippy Caribbean. Each release has allowed the band to mature, polished their sound, production and live performance, which will soon be displayed as they embark on their upcoming tour schedule.
Viniloversus are a Venezuelan indie rock band formed in Caracas, Venezuela. They have released four successful albums entitled El Día Es Hoy, Si No Nos Mata, Cambié De Nombre and Days of Exile which have been embraced by indie rock fans across Latin America and abroad. Singles such as "Only Hungry for You, " "Broken Cities, " "Disintegrate Me, " and "So Many Stars" have been met with chart success. This five-piece band has an explosiveness on stage that always ignites a crowd and will be on display at this showcase and along their tour route.
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