Jane Ira Bloom Early Americans Sun, June 5th 8:30pm Cornelia Street Café

You never know what American original soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom is going to do next. After the success of her 2014 all-ballads release "Sixteen Sunsets" Bloom shifts into another gear showcasing the kinetic energy of her acclaimed trio playing with the musicians that she knows best on Early Americans (OTL142). It's her first trio album, sixteenth as leader and sixth recording on the Outline label. Her sound is like no other on the straight horn and she lets it fly on every track. She's joined by long-time bandmates Mark Helias on bass & drummer Bobby Previte and with over fifty years of shared musical history together the album is sure to be a winner. Bloom's collaboration with Helias dates back to the mid 70's in New Haven CT and her unique chemistry with Previte has been ongoing since 2000. She brought the group together in summer 2015 to Avatar Studio B in NYC to capture their breathtaking sound in both stereo and surround-sound with renowned audio engineer Jim Anderson. The album features twelve Bloom originals ranging from the rhythmic drive of "Song Patrol" and "Singing The Triangle" to the spare melancholy of "Mind Gray River." She closes the album with a signature solo rendition of the American songbook classic, Bernstein & Sondheim's "Somewhere." World-renowned portrait photographer Brigitte Lacombe contributes a stunning cover image of Bloom. "Playing in threes" has always held a special fascination for jazz artists - it offers the possibility that something can be slightly off balance and that's just what fires the imagination of players like Bloom, Helias, & Previte. With Early Americans Jane Ira Bloom stands in the vanguard of her generation carving out new territory in the heart of the jazz tradition.

"Jane Ira, Mark and Bobby bring a virtuoso level of musicianship into an intimate trio setting and produce music that is warm, flowing and conversational - the epitome of the kind of dynamic interaction one would expect from a blending of such exceptionally talented musicians"
- Steven Cerra, Jazz Profiles

"Bloom's been playing at the top of her game for quite a while and once again, she finds a way to make that top rise a little higher…killer stuff"

MWR, Midwest Record

JANE IRA BLOOM Early Americans
Outline (OTL142)
live at Cornelia Street Café
Sun, June 5 8:30 pm

"A powerful group of fearless jazz explorers...
who share a commitment to beauty & adventure"
- Bob Blumenthal

Jane Ira Bloom soprano sax
Mark Helias bass
Bobby Previte drums

29 Cornelia St.
Greenwich Village, NY

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