Jazz Academy Miami - Reserve Now For Winter - Filling Fast!

Coming off a successful initiation this past January, Jazz Academy Miami (JAM) summoned several, world renowned Jazz greats to conduct masterclasses, 1-on-1 sessions and joint performances for the first winter program of JAM, which hosted students from Taiwan, Canada and Europe. Markus Gottschlich is JAM founder and Miami Beach Jazz Festival Artistic Director.

Summer sessions are 8.22-8.28
Winter session 1.23-1.29. 2017
(in collaboration with the Miami Beach Jazz Festival)
"Early-bird" specials for the Winter session are available until September 1st, 2016.
Registration/Application online at:

The Jazz Academy Miami's mission is to offer highly gifted students an apprenticeship style of experience with world class performers. This original approach to Jazz education is the center of all educational programming.

"It's important to me to stress the personal interaction and passing-on of knowledge between 'master-musicians' and students, " Gottschlich expresses. "Numerous international Jazz greats like James Morrison from Australia, Daniel Zamir from Israel or San Francisco Symphony conductor Christian Reif from Germany, have participated during the first winter Session. I strive to build on this successful path."

The Academy's focus for 2016/17 is under the theme of "EAST MEETS WEST", which highlights the international and intercultural nature of the Academy. The Academy will be hosting artists, students and industry leaders from Asia and nurturing a
collaboration with U.S. and Latin Jazz Artists.

"In order to build the 'EAST MEETS WEST' theme and program, as the founder, I will be assuming a double role during my upcoming concert and educational outreach tour in Asia this summer. In addition to my solo and Trio performances, I am collaborating with numerous local artists, festival organizers and music schools in China, Taiwan and South Korea."

While the Academy hosts a variety of events, concerts and educational program's throughout the year, it's main focus is on providing an intensive winter and summer program. These programs are typically all-inclusive and jam-packed. Admitted students also have the opportunity to perform on major stages in South Florida and record their music during their stay.

Applications are open and available for January 2017, with more details on the Academy's homepage.

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