Daniela Savoldi | Debut Album "Trasformazioni"

Trasformazioni is the debut album from Daniela Savoldi and it comes out on June 3 2016

Trasformazioni is the first work of Daniela Savoldi, cello solo. Synthesis of classical influences, pop, jazz, contemporary and oriental, writing music embraces the idea of improvisation overlapping emotions and different moods among them. The real thrust that drives this work is to tell and collect the steps of experiences, finally saying a clear point of crossing. A mixed in crescendo of colors and signs; an entire reworked from her only and one loop station who could follows and drives dancers, suggests, hides or reveals walks in the desert, eastern crossroads, walking animals, dissonances, surprises, people, dreams. It was urgent a say where she is and who she is just for now.

The album is produced by Lorenzo Caperchi sound engineer and producer at the Red Carpet studio, Brescia (Italy).

Daniela Savoldi is an Italian-Brazilian cellist. Lives and works in Brescia. She studied cello since the age of ten years. After graduating from the Conservatory she approaches to other genres that offer new ideas and stimuli: klezmer, bossa nova, Indian music, rock, pop, folk music, music copyright. Her work opens so to improvisation that mixes the different experiences and different genres: she likes to call sound signs her meetings with cello that are revealed in authentic melodies and very personal phrasing suggested extemporaneously often meeting other arts like contemporary dance or the theater. She collaborates with artists of the indie scene, both in studio and live. She has recorded with her cello for: Muse, Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica, Paola Turci, Lorenzo Monguzzi. She has partnered with Calibro 35, Dente, Nada Malanima, Gianni Maroccolo, Alessandro Mannarino. She plays with Vincenzo Fasano, Francesca Lago, Corimè and Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, Indie-Pop group with which she has performed throughout Europe.

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