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Legendary trumpeter, Mac Gollehon who can be heard on over 500 gold/platinum and double platinum records, has been tearing up the Jazz Latin EDM scene with his sizzling hot new release Mac Gollehon and the Hispanic Mechanics. Just off the "hot" presses, is a groundbreaking new video from his album the single "No More Drama" teamed with Dylan Greenberg, a talented young director who has seen coverage in such notable sites as SPIN, Vice and of course Pitchfork for her last feature film Dark Prism. This collaboration debuts the new music video for True Groove Records artist Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics.

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Dylan Greenberg says of the video, "The vision I got across in Mac's video was the same brutalist aesthetic I've seen in works such as David Lynch's Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway, only instead of using the atmosphere to create a sense of horror, I flipped it on its side and used surrealism to create a fun, danceable video. Furthermore, the kinetic nature of the project is aimed to make viewers feel that they, too are part of an exciting audio visual experience." She has already begun work on a second video for Mac, and is excited about the meld of groundbreaking music and visual ideas in the works.

Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics is set to officially release globally on May 20, 2016, their self titled CD has already been garnering stellar reviews from the likes of Huffington Post, All About Jazz raved a 5 star slam dunk. Best described by critics the album has been deemed, "a great mix of Latin-inspired house music, with highlighted acoustic instruments like percussion, guitars and, of course, the powerhouse trumpet of Gollehon."

Mac Gollehon of course, is a brass giant and made a name for recording and touring with legends like David Bowie, Nile Rodgers, Rick James and beyond, in fact many of you remember the Power Station hit (The Power Station was a super group featuring Robert Palmer, John Taylor and Andy Taylor from Duran Duran and Tony Thompson from Chic) "Some Like It Hot, " which was a huge sensation in mid-80's on MTV (in its music video heyday) and radio, it was Gollehon that stormed the gates with his searing trumpet sound. He was also the touring trumpet player for Duran Duran. Today Gollehon continues to keep a very busy touring schedule, but Gollehon calls NY his home, and can be found still hard gigging around, "keeping it real" and keeping his ear to the scene. In the past year he has made fairly regular trips to Japan alongside legendary artists like his True Groove labelmates, No Wave icon and James Chance. Mac Gollehon has been a mainstay in the True Groove family for years now, playing as one of the True Groove All-Stars and bringing his distinctive sound into the True Groove roster. Gollehon is once again exploding on the scene with his group Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics, and their self-titled release is hitting the radio airwaves with heavy momentum and vast appeal.

Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics", a fusion of EDM and Salsa, making for a unique and dramatic genre of musical energy, unlike any that I have heard thus far.
-Huffington Post

A cryptically electronic, drum and horn-laden party starter.
-MANsion Mens Magazine

Mac has a distinctive growl and airiness to many of his longer notes, a moniker if you like, which gives his a distinctive sound. There is also a distinctive Davis quality about his high notes you can tell his excellent schooling and yet he is also supremely original in his approach.

A sultry Salsa flavour, whilst blending jazzy components along the way... exemplifies this experimental fusion more than ever. It's bright, colourful and trippy beyond belief imagine Ray Barretto and Miles Davis teamed up with Massive Attack for a jam after an all-nighter.
-Daily News Service UK

Mac Gollehon and the Hispanic Mechanics. Bright, blaring, buoyant, emotionally cathartic, ensemble establishes a stellar set of cross currents in what seems as astonishingly rapid conversations, calls and responses, points and counter points of percussion, piano, horns and a steadfast chorus of singers chiming through the dancing propulsive.
-Medium Magazine (Like it or Not Column)

Searing horn lines, thumping beats and unique concepts are all uniquely wrapped up in a new and exciting term EDM Latin Jazz. Gollehon has always been known to be ahead of his time, but this shoots him into the stratosphere of pioneer, a seat he is already comfortable with this long awaited new recording by Gollehon is exactly what this generation of jazz listener is yearning for jazz with experimentation, muscularity, and modern sounding relevancy, no batteries required, this ship will mark its own masterpiece course, a highly recommended listen, especially for the adventurous jazz cat.
-Ferell Aubre, The Jazz Word

Hold onto your hats brothers and sisters this is not for the faint at heart jazz lover, get your dancing shoes, your boogie attitude and your retro fashion out of the closet as this is hipster stuff that will sizzle your senses. Gollehon has a new group the Hispanic Mechanics and they are going to give you a music tune up like no other. Hold on there, purist is there something for you. Oh, yes blistering lines, high notes, solid jazz ideas and the power of jazz to the 9th power. Gollehon is on fire and he is taking no prisoners in an unapologetic hipster vibe Mac Gollehon and the Hispanic Mechanics (True Groove Records) is a take no prisoners, funkin groove, laced with electronic beats, pushing themes and explosive playing. Gollehon is a pioneer not only on trumpet, but now especially in the genre of jazz. No wonder Miles Davis named him "chops."
-Jeff Becker, Jazzsensiblities

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