Pashmak, "Indigo" EP and EU tour

Pashmak in Persian means "like wool". It is the name of an Iranian candy, similar in texture to a fabric or a hair lock.
Its making is long and complex, but in an instant it melts in the mouth releasing a sweet taste.

Their sound is powerful and ever-changing, freely but confidently shifting through electronica, art-rock, indie and folk, studded by wide and diverse influences, exactly like the origins of the band members: one of Iranian descent (lead singer Damon Arabsolgar), one of U.S. descent (Giuliano Pascoe), and two Southern Italians hailing from Sicily (Martin Nicastro) and Lucania (Antonio Polidoro).

They are touring France, UK, Holland, Germany, Poland, Italy and Czech Republic right now to present their new amazing work : INDIGO.

INDIGO will be available in europe on June 17, 2016.

Pashmak Tour Dates Spring 2016

May 10 | Enschede – NL | TANKSTATION
May 11 | Amsterdam – NL | MixTree
May 12 | Offenbach – DE | HfG Kapelle
May 13 | Berlin – DE | Madame Claude
May 14 | Leipzig – DE | Horns Erben – Kultur & Speisen
May 16 | Prague – CZ | Musictown Record Store
May 18 | Berlin – DE | Schokoladen
May 19 | Krakow – PL | Magazyn Kultury
May 21 | Brno – CZ | Stará Pekárna Hudební Kavárna

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