Henry Grimes from the 50's till Now / a LifeTime of Achievement

V21 Celebrating Henry Grimes
June 7, 2016
For his Lifetime of Achievement
Judson Memorial Church

WHAT: Vision 21 – Celebrating The Legendary Henry Grimes
WHEN: JUNE 7 to JUNE 12, 2016
WHERE: Judson Memorial Church, (55 Washington Sq. South, NYC)
TICKETS: $40 per day; $25 stu/sen; Full Pass $200; VIP $300
EXTRA: JUNE 5, Vision features Sun Ra Films at Anthology Film Archives

In 1958, when Henry Grimes was 22 years of age he performed at the Newport Jazz Festival with six different groups led by such diverse artists as: Sonny Rollins, Benny Goodman, Lee Konitz, Tony Scott, Gerry Mulligan and Thelonious Monk; such was the breadth of his talent and the respect in which he was held by a diverse community of artists.
In 2003, after a disappearance of 33 years, he returned in a triumphal appearance at Vision 7 performing in William Parker's tribute to Jeanne Lee as well as the Rob Brown Trio.
This launched him back into the limelight. Since then he has performed in 600 concerts in 30 countries, with artists such as Kidd Jordan, David Murray, Marshall Allen, Roscoe Mitchell, Wadada Leo Smith, Marc Ribot, Sekou Sundiata, and many many more.
In November 2015, Mr Henry Grimes turned 80 and his achievements are undeniable. On June 7, 2016, his achievements will be recognized with Vision Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award. He will perform in three different groups with artists from a range of backgrounds who are united in the spirit of improvisation as well as respect for Mr Grimes.
Performing June 7 with Mr Grimes: Geri Allen, Andrew Cyrille, Graham Haynes and vocalists: Karma Mayet Johnson, Meshell Ndegeocello, Lisa Sokolov, Dwight Trible, Imani Uzuri; And Charles Gayle, Melanie Dyer, Nicole Mitchell, Tomeka Reid, Marc Ribot, Chad Taylor.
Circling Henry Grimes from left to right; Andrew Cyrille, Tomeka Reid, Imani Uzuri, Graham Haynes, Geri Allen, Marc Ribot Lisa Sokolov, Chad Taylor, Meshell Ndegeocello, Karma Mayet Johnson, Charles Gayle, Dwight Trible, Nicole Mitchell


Sunday, June 5 FILMS at Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Avenue, NYC
Purchase Film Tickets at the Door only.
Vision Presents: Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Sun Ra Arkestra
7 pm Space is the Place by John Coney
9:15 The Magic Sun by Phill Niblock / Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise by Robert Mugge

Tuesday June 7 AT JUDSON CHURCH 55 Wash Sq. NYC
6:30 Opening Invocation - Hamid Drake, Whit Dickey, Patricia Nicholson
Projections: A photographic retrospective of Henry Grimes…
Celebrating Henry Grimes Lifetime of Achievement
7 Henry Grimes Quartet
Geri Allen – piano / Andrew Cyrille – drums
Henry Grimes – acoustic bass and violin / Graham Haynes – cornet
8:30 Songs by Lisa Sokolov to poems by Henry Grimes
Voices: Karma Mayet Johnson, Meshell Ndegeocello, Lisa Sokolov
Dwight Trible, Imani Uzuri, Henry Grimes – acoustic bass, violin
9:45 Henry Grimes Septet
Charles Gayle – sax / Melanie Dyer – viola / Henry Grimes – bass, violin
Nicole Mitchell – flute / Tomeka Reid – cello
Marc Ribot - guitar / Chad Taylor – dr

Wednesday June 8 Visual Art Projection: Lois Eby
7 Jen Shyu Song of Silver Geese
Jade Tongue: Mat Maneri – viola / Chris Dingman – vibraphone
Thomas Morgan – bass / Anna Webber – flute, alto flute / Dan Weiss – drums
Jen Shyu – composition, vocals, gayageum, Taiwanese moon lute, piano +
Satoshi Haga – dance, choreography +
Mivos Quartet: Olivia De Prato – 1st violin / Erica Dicker – 2nd violin
Victor Lowrie – viola / Mariel Roberts – cello +
8 Poet Quincy Troupe
9 Connie Crothers Trio
Connie Crothers – piano / Michael Bisio – bass / Warren Smith – drums
10 Sun Ra Arkestra 60th Anniversary
Under the direction of Marshall Allen
Marshall Allen – Director, alto, flute
Danny Ray Thompson - bari, flute / James Stewart – tenor, flute
Cecil Brooks - trumpet / Dave Davis - trombone / Vincent Chancey – french horn
Tyler Mitchell – bass / Dave Hotep – el. guitar / Calvin Edwin Newborn - guitar
George Burton- piano / Wayne Anthony Smith- drums
Elson Nascimento – surdo, percussion / Atakatune - congas
Tara Middleton – vocals

Thursday June 9 Visual Art Projection: Jonas Hidalgo
7 Douglas Dunn + Dancers & Bill Cole's UnTempered Trio perform 'Revisions'
Music: Bill Cole – double reeds, didgeridoo
Ras Moshe – reeds / Lisette Santiago – percussion
Dancers: Douglas Dunn, Jules Bakshi
Emily Pope, Paul Singh, Jin Ju Song-Begin
8 Jemeel Moondoc The Zookeeper's House Quintet
Jemeel Moondoc – alto sax / Matthew Shipp – piano
Nathan Breedlove – trumpet / Hilliard Greene – bass
Newman Taylor Baker – drums
9 Poet Tonya Foster
9:30 Steve Swell Quintet: Kende Dreams
Steve Swell – trombone, compositions / Rob Brown – sax
Connie Crothers – piano / Larry Roland – bass / Chad Taylor – drums
10:30 Garland of Blessing
Hamid Drake – drums / Kidd Jordan – sax
Cooper-Moore – piano / Michael Bisio – bass

Friday June 10 Visual Art Projection Marcy Rosenblat
5 PANEL The Creative Option : FreeJazz vs Fascism Part 1
7 William Hooker TRIANGLE: Symbol of Perfection
Chris DiMeglio – trumpet / Adam Lane – bass / Mark Hennen – piano
William Hooker – drums / Goussy Celestin – dance
Film "Approaching The Garden" – Ed Kasperak
8 Fay Victor SoundNoise Quartet:
Fay Victor – voice, text / Sam Newsome – soprano sax
Melvin Gibbs – bass guitar / Reggie Nicholson – drums, perc
9 For Billy Bang
Poet: Bob Holman, Todd Nicholson bass
9:30 Cooper-Moore Quartet
Alan Michael – alto sax / Brian Price – woodwinds
Michael Wimberly – percussion / Cooper-Moore – multi-instruments
10:30 Michele Rosewoman's New Yor-Uba
Alex Norris – trumpet / Chris Washburne – trombone, bass trombone
Roman Filiu – alto and soprano sax / Stacy Dillard – tenor sax
Michele Rosewoman – piano, vocals
Yunior Terry – bass / Robby Ameen – drums
Roman Diaz, Mauricio Herrera, Rafael Monteagudo – bata, congas
Lead Vocals: Amma Mcken

Saturday June 11 Visual Art Projection: Charlotte Ka
7 A Moving Line
Wadada Leo Smith / Miriam Parker / Jo Wood Brown
7:30 Hamiet Bluiett Quartet
Hamiet Bluiett – reeds / DD Jackson – piano
Bob Stewart – tuba / Hamid Drake – drums
8:30 Poet David Mills
9 Wadada Leo Smith Viola Quartet performs 'PACIFIC'
Stephanie Griffin; Jason Hwang; Tanya Kalmanovitch; ​Gwen Lester - viola
Hardedge - electronics / Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet
10:15 Paradox of Freedom
Dave Burrell – piano / Hamid Drake – drums

Sunday June 12 Visual Art Projection: Bill Mazza
4 PANEL The Creative Option : FreeJazz vs Fascism Part 2
6 Breath through Stone
David Mills - poetry
Patricia Nicholson – dance poetry, comp.
Djassi DaCosta Johnson, Yoshiko Chuma - dance
Jason Kao Hwang - violin / Michael TA Thompson - drums
7 Mike Reed's Flesh & Bone
Ben Lamar Gay – cornet / Greg Ward – alto sax / Tim Haldeman – tenor
Jason Stein – bass clarinet / Kevin Coval & Marvin Tate – spoken text
Jason Roebke - bass / Mike Reed – drums, compositions
8 James Brandon Lewis Trio
James Brandon Lewis – sax / Luke Stewart – bass
Warren Trae Crudup III drums
9 Three Sopranos and Percussion
Soprano Saxophones: Dave Liebman, Sam Newsome, Jeff Coffin
Percussion: Tatsuya Nakatani
10 Kidd Jordan Ensemble
Kidd Jordan – sax / Joel Futterman – piano
Harrison Bankhead – bass / Alvin Fielder – drums
With guest Marlon Jordan – trumpet

The aim of the Vision Festival is to keep alive in hearts and minds, all of the idealism, integrity and sense of responsibility that lay at the heart of the creative movements in the 60’s. “Henry Grimes exemplifies this idealism and integrity in addition to his artistic achievements. And this is why we chose him to receive the Award, ” states Patricia Nicholson Parker.

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