New Single From The James Kōb Experience "Because of You"

"So Right... The James Kōb Experience" is a fantastic assembly of multi-genre, original new music, by composer, performer & producer James Kōb. James pulls together a cadre of top-notch journeymen musicians from across the US to deliver unparalleled performances on every song. This album is a statement in melodic excellence of a proportion not seen in decades... every song is as strong as the next!

The single "Because of You" ... The James Kōb Experience is sung by Maria Schafer in 3 different languages: English, French & Portuguese.

The multi-genre 11 song full album (including one bonus instrumental version) offers a collection of James' new original music composed and recorded over the last 4 years, that stylistically spans from Bossa Nova Jazz... to Pop... to Latin Jazz... to Orchestrated pieces... to Unplugged guitar/vocal... and even to Contemporary Country. With some unique, melody-driven songs and special performances, James Kōb offers his own special "sound" that makes this album of new music very exciting!

Songs that insert Latin brass, percussion, Broadway strings and jazz saxophone performances are all included on this album which makes it not only fun for the listener, but it creates the anticipation of wanting to hear what music comes next even more fun. Tripp Sprague really shines on soprano, alto & tenor sax solos on a number of pieces. Flugelhornists Derek Canon & Gil Castellanos are featured, as well the oboeist Lara Wickes. This inaugural album literally delivers something for everyone's musical taste!

Vocal honors are provided by two new and young rising stars; Maria Schafer performing on 8 songs while Danielle Field sings on 2. (Five of the songs on this album are slated for release in both French & Portuguese later this year) so much of this music will eventually span the globe to Europe and Brazil as well, helping prove that Mr. Kōb's vision of "music with melody" knows no borders.

Co-producer/drummer Mark Haley (former monitor engineer for Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey) and James focused on creating a high quality production that is smooth without being too slick... so, it stays "real". As an example, two songs' arrangements were written to intertwine premier pedal-steel guitarist Rick Schmidt's jazz playing style with orchestra, and they are shining reasons of how pleasing to the ear new and different instrument combinations can be. Jazz pedal-steel guitar and string orchestra make for a truly AMAZING sound!

The "music with melody" theme carries through-out this album... every song on it has a verse or refrain that will stay with you long after the CD stops spinning. It's what music is supposed to do: keep giving you enjoyment every time it pops into your head! You'll find more than one or two songs on "So Right"... The James Kōb Experience, that will do exactly that for you... over and over again... So Enjoy!!

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"So Right"... The James Kōb Experience
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