Marcus Miller Featuring Amir John Haddad "El Amir"

Amir John Haddad "EL AMIR" will be joining the MARCUS MILLER band in Madrid (Spain) on April 12th at Nuevo Teatro Apolo as a special guest artist along with Josemi Carmona (Ketama) and Pepe Bao (O'Funk'illo).

El Amir had a first meeting with Marcus Miller on stage last summer at the Festival Cultura Inquieta (Madrid) and the experience was very positive and both artists connected musically.

For the first time these four artists come together on stage and will immerge into a Jazz, Funk, Flamenco, Oriental and Afro-Mediterranean fusion.

It is expected to be one of the most awaited concerts in Madrid of 2016 due to its outstanding line up and thanks to the promoter Summum Music.

Amir John Haddad is one of the most talented multi ethnic musicians and multi instrumentalists living in Spain since 1997. He comes from a German, Palestinian and Colombian background and plays Flamenco guitar, Arabic oud, Greek bouzouki, Turkish Saz, banjo, triple neck electric guitar (6, 7 and 12 string) among others being a virtuous and very skillful interpreter on each of these instruments. He plays different music styles such as Flamenco, Funk, Oriental, Rock, World music, Fusion, Folk, etc… and has some own projects: Zoobazar, From East to West, Members of Parliament, and "El Amir" Flamenco Sextet. He has been on stage since age twelve and since then he hasn't stopped performing.

Amir has collaborated with: Chambao, Radio Tarifa, Jorge Pardo, Tomasito, Raimundo Amador, María Dolores Pradera, Diego El Cigala, Miguel Poveda, Jose Mercé, Lole Montoya, Miguel Poveda, Eliseo Parra, Estrella Morente, Naseer Shamma, Shankar Mahadevan, Juno Reactor, Hamsika Iyer, Marcus Miller, and many more.

A guitarist who is capable of interpreting South American folclore, flamenco, heavy metal, jazz, rock, anyway, a multi ethnic man in all senses as well as on a musical level.
Alberto Martinez Arias - (El Ojo Crítico) RNE3

Amir is a guitar and Arabic oud virtuoso.
Fernando Neira - El País

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