The Space Between - Medboe/Eriksen/Halle

Haftor Medboe, Espen Eriksen and Gunnar Halle release "The Space Between", emerges into the spectrum of the Contemporary jazz musical inputs. It defies harsh categorisation, since it often engrafts splendid musical layout into the scope of this work.

In this acoustic trio, Halle on-off switch the course between melodic and somewhat inauspicious movements into sound full ore parts and multifarious fingering manoeuvres. In addition, pianist Espen Eriksen lodges in as a strong avert. On various tracks, the band inflicts soundscapes parameters into heated jazz grooves and swirling themes. Guitarist Haftor Medboe prompts with textural and off-kilter lines while the trio weaves choruses plotted upon gloomy musings Halle's escapades. On the piece "Bell Rock, " Medboe and Halle render a touch of Contemporary motif, and as the progression continues, they grub into swing vamps. Medboe fuses string stylisation into various motifs; the trio's chemistry and mode of attack embodies structured developments. In essence, Haftor Medboe compositions are constructed within rhythmic cadences, and with "Skagerrak" the artists generate a marvellous Scandinavian-alike pattern atop swaging flows and trickling harmonic swashes. Doubtless, Haftor Medboe' vast string flam and foxiness anticipation is in full duress here. The ensemble executes fantastic sounds with short-circuited din attains a middle-ground alongside acoustic twisted rhythms.

Label: Losen Records
Tracks: East Pier, Bell Rock, Utsira High, Forty Mile Ground, Skagerrak, Fladen, More Viking Than You

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