The National Jazz Museum in Harlem February 2015 Events!

February 2015 Events

Tuesday, February 3rd

Something to Live For: The Strayhorn Centennial, Part 1

Jazz for Curious Listeners


Host: David Hajdu, author of Lush Life

Location: The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

2015 is the centennial of one of jazz's greatest composers - Billy Strayhorn. NJMH will celebrate his life and music in a series of concerts and events. Please join us this evening as David Hajdu, the author of LUSH LIFE, the definitive Strayhorn biography, guides us through the life of the man who wrote TAKE THE A TRAIN and so many other classic compositions. It's a story of triumph and tragedy all based in a lifelong pursuit of beauty.

Thursday, February 5th

Jazz Talk: Loren Schoenberg,

"Jazz in Hollywood"

12:oo pm

Location: Cantor Auditorium,

Stanford University

Loren Schoenberg, Artistic Director of the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, hosts a close-listening and participatory session on jazz in Hollywood. The program preludes Friday night's Stanford Live concert by Dianne Reeves, the four-time Grammy Award winner who played a nightclub singer in George Clooney's 2005 hit Good Night and Good Luck.

Friday, February 6th

Dianne Reeves Pre-performance Discussion

6:30 pm


Bing Concert Hall,

Stanford University

Two of the world's greatest guitarists, Russell Malone and Romero Lubambo, will be interviewed by NJMH's Loren Schoenberg before their concert with Dianne Reeves.

Tuesday, February 10

James Baldwin: Harlem's Own

Jazz for Curious Listeners


Host: Professor Robert G. O'Meally

Location: The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Writing can swing just like the best jazz, with great themes developed with a rhythm that rocks and rolls and surprises. Some of James Baldwin's best writing dealt with jazz and the specific culture that spawned it. Tonight, Professor Robert G. O'Meally, noted author/scholar, and founder/Director of Columbia University's Center of Jazz Studies will delve deeply into his classic Sonny's Blues, peppered with music that relates to it directly.

Tuesday, February 17

The Young Lions of Harlem: Jazz from City College

Jazz for Curious Listeners


City College Jazz AllStars

led by Dennis Brandner

Location: The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Jazz has always welcomed young talent, and in this era, the presence of young musicians who are serious in their dedication is something to celebrate. Join us as we welcome a chamber jazz ensemble from City College, which has long had a distinguished jazz department, and is now under the new leadership of renowned saxophonist Steve Wilson. Come visit as we all get our batteries charged!

Tuesday, February 24

Listening Session with Michael Steinman,


Jazz for Curious Listeners


Location: The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

One of the best things about the NJMH's intimate space is the ability for audience members to experience music in a way that just can't happen in medium or large venues. Our series of listening sessions has been received with open arms over the past several years, and this evening we welcome a pied piper of traditional jazz - Michael Steinman, whose JAZZLIVES website is a gathering place for an international cache of passionate jazz fans who love the sounds of early jazz and the contemporary players who revere the same tradition

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