"The Seal Of Solomon" By Shlomit & Rebbesoul

Shlomit Levi grew up surrounded by the culture and music of her ancestral home of Yemen. She is a highly respected singer in her native Israel and well known as the voice on "Sapari, " the hit song by Orphaned Land, Israel's groundbreaking group of Oriental Heavy Metal music. RebbeSoul (aka Bruce Burger), an upstate New York native, is lauded as having created the modern version of Jewish Roots and World Music. His 1995 "Fringe of Blue" release remains one of the best selling Jewish music albums of all time. On "The Seal of Solomon, " Shlomit & RebbeSoul join the sounds of Eastern and Western music to create a wholly new genre being embraced internationally.

Shlomit adds a Yemenite spice to RebbeSoul's musicianship, and each brings their unique influences into the mix. As Shlomit sings in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Yemenite and Aramaic, RebbeSoul provides the flavor of instruments from around the world: balalaika (Russia), caxixi and pandero (Brazil), oil can (Yemen) and riq, darbouka, finger cymbals, nev, daf and bender from all over the Middle East. Furthermore, the pair showed their creativity by utilizing car keys, crowd sounds and silver bracelets for additional percussion!

"The Seal of Solomon" is the debut collaboration of the two multi-talented artists. Drawing from numerous sources, some of the songs set music to poems by the foremost 17th century Poet of Yemen, Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, acknowledged as one of the greatest Jewish poets. Other tracks bring modern sensibilities to traditional Yemenite folk songs.

RebbeSoul served as Producer on the album, and he and Shlomit are the principle songwriters. Coming out on their own Shlomit & RebbeSoul label, the release date is slated for February 10, 2015.

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