Steve Johns Debut CD "Family" Only 6 Days Left

A CD By NYC Based Jazz Drummer
Steve Johns

Only six days left to help fund his debut CD release entitled FAMILY. The CD features his 18 yr old son, bassist Daryl Johns and his wife, Debbie Johns on saxophones along with master guitarists Dave Stryker and Bob Devos. Your contributions come with special perks.

Help Fund STEVE JOHNS Debut CD As A Leader

FAMILY features
Debbie Keefe Johns, saxophones
Daryl Johns, bass
Dave Stryker, guitar
Bob DeVos, guitar

Produced by Dave Stryker
Engineered by Chris Sulit, Trading 8's Recording Studio, Paramus, NJ

"Steve Johns is a master drummer and bandleader. His bass playing son Daryl Johns and saxophonist wife Debbie Johns are amazing. Stellar debut and Steve proves, drummers are musicians and pretty good producers too. Great musical Family!" Lenny White

"A tightly knit modern quartet with a great feel, original tunes, arrangements and soloists!"
Randy Brecker

My name is Steve Johns, I'm a New York City based Jazz drummer, composer and educator.

I am asking for YOUR help in making my first recording as a leader a success. I've been playing and recording internationally and on the New York Jazz scene for over thirty years. You can hear me on hundreds of jazz recordings as a sideman.

The music I play has deep roots and was passed down through the many generations of jazz musicians. That is what my CD reflects. It is a culmination of original music inspired by the sounds of my life. This CD has already been recorded in the studio, mixed and mastered.

While listening to it, you will go on a musical journey of different grooves and textures. The music on my CD FAMILY has a very diverse set of originals that cover different jazz styles and genres. The CD's opening track Sleepwalk came to me as I sleeping and I awoke with it still in my head, sang it into my phone recorder and finished it the next morning.

Some idea's come from a little nudge from someone else, in this case the great guitarist and my longtime friend Dave Stryker. He suggested I make my own CD. I realized that now was the perfect time to make my CD as a leader.

You may ask, why now? Well, my life is all about the music, so much that I met my wife Debbie while attending the New England Conservatory of Music many years ago. She plays the saxophone and so do three of my uncles. My Uncle Jimmy Tyler played with the legendary father of the Hammond B3 organ Wild Bill Davis, The Count Basie Orchestra and other legends of Jazz. My mom Goldie Tyler was a songwriter and has many published songs on ASCAP. Her songs were played and recorded by saxophone great Earl Bostic and the 50's vocal group the Five Keys.

So now, I have this pivotal point in my life where our son, Daryl Johns is leaving home to attend The Manhattan School of Music. I wanted to capture our magic as a musical family in a bottle before he left for college. So my CD idea was born. Daryl is a virtuoso Jazz Bassist.

Debbie & I raised a son who has the same passion about music as we do. He grew up surrounded by the music and absorbed every bit of it in a very natural way. As a baby, he was held by a multitude of great players back stage. When Daryl started to play the bass, every bass player who came through our front door for a rehearsal with me gave Daryl a mini bass lesson. We took him to many performances throughout his young life.

I would take Daryl to sit in at my gigs and he cut his teeth with all the cats I was playing with. As they say; a drummer's best friend is a bass player!

Joining me on my CD is of course, my son Daryl Johns on acoustic and electric bass, he is 18 yrs old now and is one of the most sought after young jazz bassist of his generation. This will be his 5th major recording. And I'm really excited that Debbie Keefe Johns my wife is joining us on saxophones, she is truly a great player.

Also joining us are two great jazz guitarists; Dave Stryker and Bob DeVos who have made their mark on the jazz world and are like family to us.

This is just a small glimpse of our Family and our love, passion & devotion to the music.

In this new age of downloading & purchasing music on the internet, record companies do not support the artist's releases like they use to. The actual physical CD is still required by most radio stations to play it on the air. So, now the financial aspects are put onto the artistsshoulders. This is where I need to ask for your contribution to help make this project a success.

The CD has already been recorded, mixed and mastered. What I need from you is help in the cost of the manufacturing of CD's to send to radio stations across the country & funding a national radio campaign, including print adds & magazine coverage etc.

The music in the background of the above video is just a sample of what we did in the studio. It's already a finished recording and your contribution will be greatly appreciated. You can see below the various levels of contributions and what you will receive in return besides the good feeling knowing that you helped to get Steve Johns' CD entitled Family onto the national jazz charts, and play lists!


Steve Johns

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