Tony Adamo's Sun Ra Rockets To Mars…
Produced By Legendary Drummer Mike Clark

"The most cosmic of all the jazz greats of the last century. Sun Ra's charts were recently performed by PD9 at the Detroit Institute of Arts. It was a dazzling show."The Music Review Siren

"Sun-Ra Rockets To Mars" has a more ambient vibe and spatial integrity reinforced by the relentless groove of producer Clark.
With the exception of only a handful of traditional rap artists, most creative vocalists are lacking the substance and stamina to put an entire recording on their backs in an effort to either spread their message, music or both. Tony Adamo makes it look effortless and with a virtual all star line up he gains the freedom to let his imagination soar. Sometimes stepping outside your musical comfort zone is a good thing and Tony Adamo makes it an enlightening experience!" Brent Black Bop-N-Jazz
5 Stars for creativity and ingenuity alone!

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