Denny Zeitlin Live Broadcast Thursday, January 8, 9 PM PST KCSM Radio/Internet

KCSM, the San Francisco Bay Area's Jazz Station, will present Denny Zeitlin, Solo Jazz Piano In Concert, on Jim Bennett's "In The Moment" Show

Thursday, January 8, 9 PM PST
91.1 FM or on the internet at

"By any measure, Zeitlin's output over the past 50 years places him at jazz's creative zenith."
Andrew Gilbert, JazzTimes

Recorded Live at Piedmont Piano Company
Oakland, CA on December 5, 2014:
An Evening Exploring the Seminal Early Compositions of Wayne Shorter
For Bay Area Listeners: KCSM FM Jazz 91.1


"...he is an improvisational artist whose skills are so expansive that he can integrate everything he hears into the fabric of his soloing. In the best sense, in the manner that has always been true of jazz's finest improvisers, Zeitlin constantly stretches the creative envelope, measuring himself only against the infinite demands of his music."
Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"...Zeitlin delivered a riveting solo performance."
George Goodman, New York Times

"In supreme command of the keyboard...he employs striking dissonances, he constructs extraordinary edifices of harmonics, he can be marvelously pianistic, with a velvet subtlety of touch. He is an original...Denny Zeitlin stretches jazz piano beyond any hitherto defined limits."
Don Freeman, San Diego Union

"...He didn't show his brilliance through his technique (which he has), but through subtle improvisation, advanced and finely-tuned harmonic development, and a stupendous internal sense of meter...Denny Zeitlin's solo piano was the unpretentious highpoint of the festival."
Munchner Merkur (Munich)

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