Ingvi Thor Kormaksson Creates Beautiful Music With Over 150 Compositions!

A 25-year music career is not a resume item that is easily garnered, and one that has led to the varied style of musician Ingvi Thor Kormaksson. The Icelandic native has written for a number of artists and features a catalog of 11 studio albums and over 150 compositions. Having the ability to write and perform in a number of styles and languages, he has teamed up with singer/songwriter JJ Soul with whom he has produced a number of works. Both artists' rich musical background is clear through their abilities to write music with a number of stylistic elements, and in multiple languages.

Their Icelandic roots and desire to record Latin influenced jazz progressions, the group decided to release Latin Faculty as a two-disc album. The first disc features songs in English and Portuguese along with two instrumental tracks, while the other is exclusively in Icelandic. Able to be placed in world music, jazz, Latin (a rarity in the North-Atlantic), pop, and countless other genres, Latin Faculty is an incredibly eclectic album that reflects the two artists' creativity and experience studying music across the globe.

Recorded primarily at Studio Paradis in Iceland along with a few other scattered locations, each track on Latin Faculty was recorded live in the studio in the summer of 2012, after five years of preparations (on and off). This production represents the unadulterated creativity of both musicians and a pinpoint reflection of the music that they wish to create. Having studied all over the world, from Holland to L.A., Latin Faculty is the perfect example of a diverse background and ability to craft a one-of-a-kind voice. Far removed from conventionally adult contemporary, their self-titled release depicts the artists' urge to display their one-of-a-kind sound and write songs that they themselves enjoy performing.

Ingvi and Soul's release is a great addition to any music collection, and can be purchased on a number of Icelandic websites, and beyond. Since Latin Faculty is exclusively a recording collective, don't expect any gigs, but some lucky individuals might be able to catch a performance on Icelandic television.

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