Are you reaching the right jazz critics and media?

The agency has the pleasure of working with many great jazz, fusion, ambient and new age recording artists. Reaching the right critics, reporters and journalists in the Jazz World is critical, but not all jazz artists can retain the services of a professional agency. Therefore, they have to rely on their own DIY publicity skills. The best PR efforts start with the right media contacts and press release submission lists. In working with many such artists, we've compiled a very detailed jazz media contact database of over 4, 200 of the very best international jazz journalists and media outlets and decided to make it available at our new spinoff company,

In addition, we also offer other media contact databases for all entertainment and music verticals, including Rap, Hip-Hop, Urban, World, Rhythm and Blues and more. We hope we can be of assistance in some small way.

Christopher Buttner, President

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