Juanita: A New Sound and A New Attitude

The music industry is buzzing around hot new artist Juanita. Although not really new to the scene, she's back on the block and shaking things up with her velvety voice and magnetic personality. Living in a world of bling-bling and thugging, it is refreshing to see a resurgence of artists bringing back the soul to music. In a cookie-cutter industry, there are those artists who will defy categorization and will fight against the establishment to simply be themselves. Labeled by industry insiders as alternative or neo-soul, Juanita does her own thing and isn't interested in the latest gimmick or trend. Her wide exposure to all types of music, ranging from R&B, Soul, Funk, to Jazz, Gospel, Rock, Pop, Dance, Classical, and Reggae, has shaped her musical sound, which she refers to as Universal Soul.

Juanita has an impressive roster which includes being a finalist in the Miss Black World New York State Modeling and Beauty Pageant, and has appeared in magazines, music showcases, fashion shows, music videos, while also earning a business degree in marketing and is the co-founder of her own business.

Although the road to authenticity hasn't always been an easy one, she has been determined to stay true to herself. Mapping out her own path, she shows that she is not just talented, but has exceptional business acumen.

"My goal is to show others that they can achieve their dreams on their own terms. You don't have to sacrifice yourself, because it is who you are that makes you unique, " she says.

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