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PACO De LUCIA :: A New tradition For The Flamenco Guitar By Paco Sevilla
by Ron Sagye La Rue

A New Tradition For The Flamenco Guitar
Publisher: Sevilla Press
Pages: 193

Paco De Lucia: A New Tradition For The Flamenco Guitar is an unauthorized biography of the modern Flamenco master. This tome covers many aspects of De Lucia's career,as a musician;a man;his philosophy and of course his music. Sevilla himself is a Flamenco guitarist,and knows his subject well,he revealing the good and sometimes questionable character of the artist. We learn that he was born in Algeciras(SPAIN),his given name is Francisco Sanchez Gomez.

De Lucia comes from a talented family of four brothers and sister who had the opportunity to be a professional singer. His father was a journeyman guitarist playing gigs at night in bars,festivals etc. to supplement his day job selling cloth and hustling. Sevilla culls his material from magazines, newspapers,interviews and his own deleted publication Jaleo. Some of the sources originally in Spanish translated into English,will provide new information for English only readers. Before De Lucia was known as a guitarist he sang with his older brother Pepe making a name for themselves.

The young De Lucia quit school by age eleven,he learned guitar on his father's "Domingo Esteso"(guitar make). Early on he and brother Pepe won a contest together $350 for his brother and De Lucia $165 for his guitar accompaniment. There is also listings(catalog numbers) and reviews of many recordings with analysis. This is a readers book,two photographs,but so much information. Jazz people will enjoy Chapter five "The Great Experiment" that discuss his playing with Al Dimeola Larry Coryell,John Mc Laughlin and Chick

De Lucia has strong opinions about women playing Flamenco guitar. He believes women lack the physical strength to sit eight hours practicing. From his Spanish tradition he believes that his astrological sign Sagittarius, he'd either be a bandit or musician.
Sevilla also gives us an insight(At lenght) to De Lucia's phenomenally important recording "Fuente y Caudal". Chapter eight discusses the life and tragic ending of Singer Camaron De La Isla.

Just about everything one would want to know about Paco De Lucia is in this book he even looks at the guitarist use of illegal substance. This biography will make you appreciate the modern Flamenco master's music even more or invite you to experience his music for the first time. It also includes a glossary of Spanish terms. If you want to know about Paco De Lucia and Flamenco get this book!
The only draw-back is no index. For more info: http://sevillapress.netfirms.com/
published 22.12.2005 2005 jazz news :: home page

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