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by Ron Sagye La Rue

Candid Records CCD 79799
Time: 71:42

Mishka Adams: Vocals,tenor sax on track 3
and guitars on tracks 11&5

Edgar Avenir: Guitarist and arranger on tracks 1,2,3,4
Ria Villena-Osorio:Keyboard
Louie Talan:Bass
Mike Guevarrar:Saxophones
Arnold Casinto:Percussion
Koko Bermejo:Drums except on tracks 3&14
Sammy Asuncion:Guitarist&arranger on tracks 5,8,11,13&15
Fritz Barth: Drums on tracks 3&14
Noli Aurillo:Guitarist and arranger on track 10
Brandy Aranilla:Bass trumpet on track 10
Bo Razon: Percussion on track 4
Elhmir Saison:Pianist and arranger on track 6

Mishka Adams is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and her voice is adaptable to Jazz as well as pop music. Originally from the Philippines residing in Britain,makes her recording debut with "God Bless the Child". Opening her CD with "Green Dolphin Street,with an easy swinging style quite Jazzy in her approach. She definitely can sing a Jazz standard. She's just twenty-one years old but sings like a professional with many years experience.

"Autumn Leaves" is begun with French lyrics and some breathy saxophone by Guevarra and effective acoustic guitar by Avenir. Mishka is very cool on/ in Autumn. Her style is so relaxed,the sound is so refreshing to hear. She's really got it! Nice saxophone throughout. "God Bless" will always be Billie's but Mishka does quite an admirable job. And like good singers she let's the musicians with her blow!

"Change Partners" has a Latin rhythmic feel, she's so mature in her
sound. Its like her voice is from another time period and your glad the present is now. "Somewhere In The Night" is more pop sounding but her voice is versatile and able to adjust to contemporary trends in singing. Mishka composed "Somewhere In the Night" the lyrics and melody. Bob Dorough's "Love Came On Stealthy Fingers" is just voice and piano her vocals on this are supreme, on this ballad. This youg lady has a remarkable vocal talent.

"Body and Soul" is sung with such ease and grace and there's some very nice muted trumpet by Aranilla in solo and backing Mishka's voice. "Where Do We Begin" is back to pop music again with lyrics by Mishka and background vocals. Mishka is surely a talent that should go far in music. But I think she will have to decide if she wants a career in pop or Jazz music. She could easily make it in either field. The choice will be up to Mishka,but Jazz could use some youthfulness that knows how to sing Jazz.Fifteen songs total more info www.candidrecords.com
published 03.12.2005 2005 jazz news :: home page

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