Immortal Defense v1.1 Released

Radical Poesis Games & Creations announces the release of Immortal Defense v1.1, a story-based sci-fi real-time strategy game.

The gameplay is based on the "tower defense" genre of games. In tower defense games, the player places static defense units-"towers"-along a path. Enemies march along the path, and if the player's towers are well placed, the enemies won't be able to reach their goal at the end of the path.

Immortal Defense is unique in the tower defense field. Levels are very short-about two to three minutes each. The mouse cursor itself can fire at enemies, adding another layer of strategy. Money earned from previous levels carries over to latter levels, so replaying earlier levels to get a higher score to help with difficult later levels is a core gameplay mechanic. Learning where to place, when to use, and how to upgrade the different tower types is also important.

Immortal Defense is also unique in tower defense gaming for being heavily focused on story. At the start of the story, the main character leaves his body and his pregnant wife behind to go into "pathspace" in order to defend his planet from a relentless invasion. As he spends a longer and longer time away from his body and his planet, however, the nature of his mission begins to change-and his mind begins to face new challenges altogether.

- Psychological sci-fi storyline;
- Addicting "tower defense" gameplay with 11 towers;
- Procedurally generated graphics;
- Full-length original soundtrack;
- 150 levels;
- 27 types of enemies, including bosses;
- Level editor.

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