World War One Charges into Stores

The new battle strategy PC game World War One is available to buy in stores now. Historically accurate and highly detailed, this new title from Ascaron and AGEOD allows players to command one of six great nations during the Great War of 1914-1918, overseeing troops and tactics to ensure a successful victory for their country.

World War One allows players to manage troops, coordinate strategic movements with allies, attack enemies, select generals, organise war production, engage in worldwide diplomacy, negotiate with the national parliament or support technological research. Playing as Lord Kitchener or Sir Winston Churchill, the strategy may involve the need to relieve pressure on the Western front and invade the Turkish Straits to open sea access to Russian allies. However it is crucial that such a move does not leave other areas undefended, as Britain's main rival Germany expands its army and naval fleet.

Just as the real World War One leaders did, players must commission scientific research before certain weapons and types of strategy can be implemented. For example, tanks and other armoured vehicles can only be used when mechanised warfare has been successfully studied. Other key World War One elements such as wireless communication, chemical warfare and weapons like the Browning Automatic rifle, can only be introduced once they have been discovered and researched.

A number of scenarios and grand campaigns are available to play between the years of 1914-1918, some spanning the whole four years of the Great War. Players can also change history, taking charge of their armies and fleets in a unique 'what if' scenario. Regardless of the scenario chosen and the tactics employed, gamers must think carefully, anticipate enemy moves and prepare for battle at any given moment.

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