Emote Games Announce New Character Creation Technology

Emote Games announces their latest technology which allows users to create incredibly realistic avatars for use online and across multiple gaming devices.

This new technology forms part of Emote's social platform Participate which allows game developers to build advanced social networking functions into their games. The character creation element provides users with incredibly realistic avatars for use on any device. The realism is startling, and it means that avatars can now benefit from the 'next generation' visuals that people are already enjoying in their games and other digital content. Avatars can now be as unique as the people who create them. The character technology selects and blends between vast combinations of hair, ethnicity, skin colour, clothing and body type to create individual avatars that really add value to the digital environment in which they appear.

When you integrate Participate into your website or game, the avatars are created to order on dedicated servers. The resulting high quality imagery can then be viewed on any web-enabled device. No matter what the specification of the user's device, they will still enjoy the unrivalled realism even if their computer is an old one that could never generate such imagery on its own.

This latest addition to Participate follows the recently announced news of a 600,000 funding boost from The Technology Strategy Board to support Emote's development of vastly improved AI controlled social agents, in collaboration with the Imperial College, London.

This technology created by Emote Games will open up new opportunities for digital creators and consumers. Key to Emote's mission is the Participate suite of software. Developed by Emote's own studios, Participate allows games to be enjoyed on all kinds of devices and in many different ways, from console to PC to handheld devices, and from playing missions to sharing photos or writing blog entries.

The character creation technology offers all kinds of opportunities for digital content creators or service providers who can use it in conjunction with other Participate functions, or it can be used as a standalone technology. The possibilities are immense.

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