Merscom Releases Color of Murder: A Carol Reed Mystery

Merscom announces that it is the online publisher of Color of Murder, the most recent adventure game in the Carol Reed series developed by MDNA Games. This release follows on Merscom's success with Blood Ties, Righteous Kill, Ghost in the Sheet, East Side Story and Time Stand Still, all of which were launched earlier this year and reached the top-5 on major casual game sites.

In Color of Murder, an old friend named Willy has lost contact with his son and needs Carol and the player's help in finding him. What starts as the search for a missing person quickly becomes something more sinister as his ties to a local man who was murdered last week become apparent. Once more, Carol must journey through the beautiful city of Norrkoping, Sweden, in search of answers.

Key features:
- 100% mouse driven point-and-click gameplay;
- A short tutorial for those players not familiar with this type of game;
- A hint system that ensures the player does not get stuck;
- Rich unfolding story;
- A wide variety of luminous environments and unusual characters;
- Clever puzzles to solve;
- Games can be saved and loaded at any time;
- Engaging ambient music and sound;
- A bypass feature for the more complicated puzzles.

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