Softkinetic Releases Version 1.5 of iisu

Softkinetic has announced the release of iisu 1.5. Softkinetic's iisu changes the way users interact with applications by removing the need for a controller and allowing them to command the experience with their body movements. Since it first launched at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in February 2008, the unique gesture recognition technology has been incorporated into large-scale applications for gaming, multimedia systems, fitness and virtual training.

The result of five years of research and development, iisu recognizes gestures and movements in real-time, captured by one single 3D depth sensing camera. Using the Software Development Kit (SDK) developers can create applications allowing the human body to become the natural input device removing the need for any physical controllers.

iisu 1.5 includes an improved interface infrastructure that provides a more efficient set-up, scene management, and calibration. It also extends its support to the latest 3D depth sensing cameras available on the market, including Mesa Imaging's Swiss Ranger SR-4000, 3DV Systems' Zcam X, Canesta's XR and RZ series, Prime Sense Primesensor 2.0 and others.

iisu 1.5 includes the following new features and enhancements to the 3D gesture recognition software:
Plug-and-play Architecture: Allows developers to rapidly design and develop re-usable specific gestures and actions.
TV gesture plug-in: Permits users to control TV and media interfaces using hand gestures only while sitting comfortably in their living rooms.
iisu Socket Server: Enables iisu to bridge to a variety of Internet-based developer environments.
Adobe Flash Bridge: Allows developers of Flash-based interactive and multimedia applications to integrate these applications directly within a gesture-based environment, enabling fully interactive, immersive and intuitive navigation and control.

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