Outspark's Pre-Paid Game Cards Coming to Best Buy Stores

Outspark has announced the arrival of its pre-paid cards at Best Buy stores across the United States. Through its partnership with GMG Entertainment, Outspark's SparkCash Cards are available in Best Buy stores nationwide beginning November 2, 2008.

The $25 cards are redeemed online for SparkCash, Outspark's virtual currency used to purchase hundreds of unique items in all Outspark games. From clothing and weapons to pets, power-ups and more, SparkCash is the ultimate way to customize and empower any Outspark game character.

Prepaid cards purchased at Best Buy also come with an exclusive in-game item. Those who purchase and redeem SparkCash prepaid cards during the month of November will receive a special costume in both Fiesta and Secret of the Solstice.

These new SparkCash Cards give all Outspark community members a convenient way to personalize their gaming experience. Premium items are now available in Fiesta, Secret of the Solstice and will arrive soon in Project Powder and the first-person-shooter, Blackshot.

With a rapidly growing and highly active community of over three million registered users, Outspark's virtual playground offers members a great place to enjoy engaging multiplayer games, socialize and customize their experience with premium content.

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