Gaia Online Launches New Instant Messaging Feature

Gaia Online announces the launch of a new instant messaging feature called Gaia Instant Messaging (GIM) powered by AOL's AIM service.

By integrating AIM functionality within Gaia's online community, GIM will provide a new interactive experience for Gaia members to connect with each other. With over 7 million active members, Gaia continuously looks for new and innovative ways like GIM to drive further engagement within the community. Gaia recently released the new feature and visitors are already sending over 2 million instant messages each day via GIM.

Gaia developed GIM using the freely-available APIs provided by AOL's Open AIM program, which enables developers to easily integrate AIM functionality into their websites and applications. No download is required to use GIM and the application appears in a separate web browser.

Members can message each other individually, as well as participate in fully interactive group messaging sessions in GIM. In addition, GIM enables users to teleport to wherever their friends are within the website. By integrating AIM into Gaia, members have more ways to engage and interact within the larger Gaia community.

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