Alten8 Ltd license its games to retro-publisher Cronosoft, for release on real vintage media

Alten8 Ltd sign a deal with leading retro-publisher Cronosoft, allowing many of its classics to be released for the real machines. Retro 'purists' will smile with glee at's latest announcement - to allow its back catalogue of classic games to be published by Cronosoft on tape and disk for the real classic machines. This deal vastly extends the current number of titles available on machines such as the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amiga, and whilst many will be re-releases, there will be some new and unreleased titles also available.

Paul Andrews, head of the Alten8 Ltd group, said "We have a passion for retro gaming, and feel that our games shouldn't just be available on emulators, but on the real deal too. We're delighted to be working with Cronosoft to make this a reality."

Head honcho of Cronosoft Simon Ullyatt also commented "It's great to publish games as they were intended to be released, on cassette tape or disc. Emulators are great, but you just can't beat the feel of a real machine."

A full release schedule is planned and will be announced at this year's Classic Gaming Expo UK (

Further information will be available through Alten8's and Cronosoft's web sites.

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