Arms of Soviet Republics.

Date of issue: 9th February 1947

Designer: V. Andreev
Paper: ordinary
Printing process: photo
Perforation: line 12 1/4
Size: 26 x 37 mm
Sheet composition: 100 (10 x 10) stamps
Printing run: 2.000.000
Michel catalogue numbers: 1092-1107

30 K. orange-brown. Arms of RSFSR
30 K. brown. Arms of Armenian SSR
30 K. bistre. Arms of Azerbaijan SSR
30 K. olive-green. Arms of Byelorussian SSR
30 K. slate-grey. Arms of Estonian SSR
30 K. brown-violet. Arms of Georgian SSR
30 K. deep dull purple. Arms of Karelian SSR
30 K. red-orange. Arms of Kazakhstan SSR
30 K. deep dull purple. Arms of Kirgisian SSR
30 K. yellow-brown. Arms of Latvian SSR
30 K. blackish olive. Arms of Lithuanian SSR
30 K. lilac-brown. Arms of Moldavian SSR
30 K. deep dull green. Arms of Tadzhikistan SSR
30 K. black. Arms of Turkmenian SSR
30 K. violet-blue. Arms of Ukrainian SSR
30 K. olive-brown. Arms of Uzbek SSR


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