Centenary of a Special Purpose Garage.

Date of issue: 10th September 2020

Designer: I. Ulyanovsky
Paper: chalky
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb 12 : 12 1/2
Size of a stamp: 42 x 30 mm.
Size of the Miniature Sheet: 104 x 152 mm.
Miniature Sheet composition: 2 (1 x 2) se-tenant block of 4
Printing run: 98.000
Michel catalogue numbers: 2911-2914Zd

23 R. multicoloured. ZIS-115 that was a personal transport vehicle of I.V. Stalin in the years of 19501953.
23 R. multicoloured. ZIL-111A that was a personal transport vehicle of the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee N.S. Khrushchev in the years of 1959-1963.
23 R. multicoloured. ZIL-114 that was a personal transport vehicle of L.I. Brezhnev in the years of 19671978.
23 R. multicoloured. Aurus Senate Limousine that is the main official car of the President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Miniature Sheet Klb.2911-2914.


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