300th Anniversary of St.-Petersburg.

Date of issue: 15th May 2003

Miniature Sheet Klb.1081-1086
Miniature Sheet Klb.1087

Designer: A. Zharov, Yu. Baranov
Paper: coated
Printing process: offset, relief and embossed printing
Perforation: Klb.1081-1086 - frame 13 : 13 1/4; Klb.1087 - frame 13 1/4
Size of a stamp: Klb.1081-1086 - 58 x 24 mm; Klb.1081-1086 - 37,50 x 41,50 mm
Size of the booklet: 210 x 148 mm
Printing run: 3.000
Michel catalogue numbers: Booklet 1081-1087

5.00 (R). multicoloured. The view of the Anichkov Bridge across the Fontanka river
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The view of a bridge across the Neva river with its parts opened
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The view of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The Palace Square
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The view of the Winter Palace
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The Summer Garden
50 R. multicoloured. Peter I monument. The margins of the Miniature Sheet show panorama of St.-Petersburg and emblem of 300th Anniversary of St.-Petersburg


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