Monasteries of Russian Orthodox Church.

Date of issue: 26th March 2003

Designer: Leonid Zaitsev
Paper: coated
Printing process: offset + embossed printing
Perforation: comb. 12 1/2
Size of a stamp: 57,15 x 31,75 mm
Size of a Miniature Sheet: 134 x 179 mm
Miniature Sheet composition: 9 stamps + label (2 x 5)
Printing run: 180.000 stamps or 20.000 Miniature Sheets
Michel catalogue numbers: 1068-1073

5.00 (R). multicoloured. The Yuriev Monastery in Novgorod was founded in 1030 by the famous Russian prince Yaroslav the Wise
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The Tolgsky Nunnery of the Introduction into Temple of the mother of God was founded in 1314 at the point where the Tolga flows into the Volga River
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The Kozelsk Optina Pustyn Monastery of the Introduction into Temple of the Holy Mother of God was founded in the late 14th - early 15th century. The stamp features the great ascetic Hieromonk Amvrosius
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The Solovetsky Zosima and Savvatii Monastery of the Trasfiguration of Our Savior was founded at the end of the 1420s and started by Reverend Zosima, Savvatii and German of Solovets.
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The Novodevichy Nunnery of the Mother of God of Smolensk was founded in 1524 in the Luzhniki Tract by the Grand Prince Vassily II as a memorial to the reconquest of the city of Smolensk into Russia
5.00 (R). multicoloured. The Seraphim Nunnery of the Holy Trinity in Diveyevo was founded in 1780 by nun Alexandra in the village of Diveyevo near Nizhny Novgorod. The stamp features Reverend Seraphim who was appointed Father Superior of the Diveyevo Nunnery after nun Alexandra's death

Varieties 1068Zf-1073Zf
Miniature Sheet Klb1068-Klb1073

Souvenir Sheet Block53

Booklet 1039-1043, 1068-1073

First Day Cover


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