Russia.XX century.Science

Date of issue: 20th June 2000

Enlarged Image

Designer: A. Fedulov
Paper: coated
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb. 12 1/4 : 12
Size of a stamp: 42 x 30 mm
Size of the Miniature Sheet: 170 ? 165 mm
Printing run: 300.000
Michel catalogue numbers: Klb.825-836

1.30 (R). multicoloured. Observation of the ferromagnetic resonance. V.K.Arkadjev. 1913
1.30 (R). multicoloured. The law of homological rows in hereditary divergence of organisms. N.I.Vavilov. 1920
1.30 (R). multicoloured. Moscow mathematical school. N.N.Luzin. 1920-1930
1.75 (R). multicoloured. Phonons idea. I.E.Tamm. 1929
1.75 (R). multicoloured. The discovery of liquid helium superfluidity. P.L.Kapitsa. 1938
1.75 (R). multicoloured. The chemical chain reactions theory. N.N.Semenov. 1934
2.00 (R). multicoloured. The autophaser of charged particles in accelerators. V.I.Veksler. 1944-1945
2.00 (R). multicoloured. The decipherments of Maya language texts. Yu.V.Knorozov. Middle of the 1950s
2.00 (R). multicoloured. The discovery of pogonophora. A.V.Ivanov. 1955-1957
3.00 (R). multicoloured. The photograpf of the Moon dark side. "Luna-3". October 4, 1959
3.00 (R). multicoloured. Quantum electronics foundations. N.G.Basov, A.M.Prokhorov. Early the 1960s
3.00 (R). multicoloured. Ethnolinguistic dictionary "Slavic antiquities". N.I.Tolstoi. 1995

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