Russian XX century sport history

Date of issue: 15th March 2000

Enlarged Image

Designer: S. Sukharev
Paper: coated
Printing process: offset
Perforation: 12 1/4 : 12
Size of a stamp: 42 x 30 mm
Size of the Miniature Sheet: 170 ? 165 mm
Printing run: 300.000
Michel catalogue numbers: Klb.793-804

0,25 (R). multicoloured. First Russian Olympic Champion Panin-Kolomenkin. 1908.
0,30 (R). multicoloured. 5th Olympic Games, Stockholm, 1912
0,50 (R). multicoloured. All-Russian Olympiad, 1913 and 1914
1,00 (R). multicoloured. All-Union Spartacist Games, 1928.
1,35 (R). multicoloured. Sport Association for Labour and Defense, 1931.
1,50 (R). multicoloured. Title "Honoured Master of Sports",1934.
2,00 (R). multicoloured. 15th Olympic Games, Helsinki, 1952.
2,50 (R). multicoloured 16th Olympic Games Winner V.P.Kutz, Melbourne, 1956.
3,00 (R). multicoloured. Russian Football Victory in the 16th Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1956. 4,00r. multicoloured. Quintuple World Champion chess-player M.M.Botvinnik
5,00 (R). multicoloured. Episode of match between Soviet ice hockey-players and Canadian ice professionals, 1972
6,00 (R). multicoloured. 22nd Olympic Games, Moscow, 1980

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