300th Anniversary of Russian Navy.

Date of issue: 14th September 1995

The same label (from the left) for all stamps. Text: "The history of Russian fleet indissoluble connested with destiny of country. Heroic pages of Russia shows it's historian eminence in XVIII - XIX c.."

Text of label: "The battle of Grengam, July 27, 1720 - bright event on the early stage of history of Russian fleet. The victory at this battle promote the finishing of North War

Text of label: "The battle in the bay of Cesme, night of June 26, 1770 finishing with destruction of Turckish fleet and that promote the future success to Russian Navy in Archipelag

Text of label: " On May 2, 1790 Swedish Navy unexpected attacked Russian ships, which stay at the Revel Roadstead. In the battle Russian sailors show mature military art and destroy two Swedish ships

Text of label: "Sea fortress Kronshtadt was founded by Peter I in 1703 for protection S.Petersburg from sea. Kronshtadt was the main base of Russian Baltic fleet were preparing fleet, was formed Navy, equiped geographical sea expedition

Designer: A. Moskovets
Paper: coated with lacquer
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb. 12 1/4 : 11 3/4
Size of a stamp: 52 x 37 mm
Size of a se-tenant pair (stamp+label): 104 x 37 mm
Sheet composition: 14 stamps + 2 labels (4 x 4). Labels on 1st and 16th place of sheet
Printing run: 50.000 se-tenant pair (label from the left); 50.000 se-tenant pair (label to the right)
Michel catalogue numbers: 465Zf-468Zf

250 R. multicoloured. "The battle of Grengam, July 27, 1720" (F.Perrault, 1841)
300 R. multicoloured. "Preparations for attacking the Turkish fleet in the bay of Cesme, night of June 26, 1770" (P.Hackert, 1771).
500 R. multicoloured. "The battle at the Revel Roadstead, May 2, 1790" (A.Bogolyubov, 60-s of XIX c.).
750 R. multicoloured. "The Roadstead" (I.K.Aivazovsky, 1840)
On the stamps reproductions of pictures from Central Sea Force museum in Sankt-Petersburg


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