50th Anniversary of Victory.

Date of issue: 7th April 1995

Designer: Yu. Artsimenev
Paper: coated
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb. 12
Size: No 427A-429A, 431A - 40 x 28 mm; No 430A, 432A - 28 x 40 mm; No 433A - 37 x 52 mm
Sheet composition: No 427A-432A - 36 (6 x 6) stamps; No 433A - 6 (3 x 2) stamps
Printing run: No 427A-432A - 500.000 of each stamp; No 433A - 120.000 Miniature Sheets or 720.000 stamps
Michel catalogue numbers: 427A-433A

250 R. multicoloured. Yalta conference, Sir Winston Churchill, U.S.president Franklin Roosevelt and Iosif Stalin
250 R. multicoloured. Storming of the Reichstag, Berlin
250 R. multicoloured. Liberation of concentration camps, memorials: urn with victims' ashes in Auschwitz and sculpture in Sachsenhausen
250 R. multicoloured. Tomb of the Unknown soldier in Moscow, flying storks - symbol of not return from the war
250 R. multicoloured. Bombers used in Manchjuria opration against Japanese
250 R. multicoloured. Potsdam conference, flags, map of Germany and german banners
500 R. multicoloured. Victory parade in Red Square, marshal G.Zhukov on white horse

Souvenir Sheet Block8 (433C)

Miniature Sheet Klb.433A


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