150th Birth Anniversary of Matthias Johann Eisen.

Date of issue: 14th September 2007.

Enlarged Image.

Designer: Lembit Lohmus
Paper: chalky
Printing process: offset
Perforation: imperforated
Size of a stamp: 27,50 x 33 mm.
Size of the Souvenir Sheet: 51 x 65,50 mm.
Printing run: 75.000
Michel catalogue number: Block30 (594).

10.00 (Kr). multicoloured. Estonian folklore picture, devoted to 150th birth anniversary of the folklore collector and clergyman Matthias Johann Eisen (1857-1934).

First Day Cover.

The folklore collector and clergyman Matthias Johann Eisen was born on 28 September 1857. Eisen began collecting folklore in the 1880s and continued to do it with the assistance of his nearly 1,500 contributors until his death. Including clergical writings, the number of books he published amounts to more than 200, of which the most importance is given to a collection of Estonian poetry published in 1881 and his translation of the Finnish epic poem Kalevala. Eisen died on 6 August 1934 and lies buried at the Raadi Cemetery in Tartu.


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