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Postal Stationery Envelopes (commemorative stamp)
30.01.2002.Birth Centenary of S.F.Shutov. USo281,51,5
08.05.2002.Museum of I.E. Repin "Zdravniovo". USo291,51,5
01.07.2002. 900th Anniversary of Borisov.USo301,51,5
06.07.2002. Fountains of Belarus.USo311,51,5
25.07.2002. 200th Birth Anniversary of Ignat Domeiko.USo321,51,5
17.08.2002. Mikhal Kleofas Oginsky. USo331,51,5
21.09.2002. Fountains of Belarus.USo341,51,5
18.10.2002.Football Club "Dinamo" Minsk.USo351,51,5
09.10.2002.Minsk. Head Post-office.LUo11,51,5
Postal Stationery Envelopes (definitive stamp)
2002Valentine's Day.U272. 1,51,5
2002Valentine's Day.U273. 1,51,5
2002Day of Defender.U274. 1,51,5
2002Day of Defender.U275. 1,51,5
200210th Anniversary of Belarus China Diplomatic Relation.U276. 1,51,5
2002150th Anniversary of First Byelorussian Opera "Idyll".U277. 1,51,5
2002Roses.U278. 1,51,5
2002Roses and Camomiles.U279. 1,51,5
2002Tulips.U280. 1,51,5
2002Roses.U281. 1,51,5
2002Bluebell.U282. 1,51,5
2002Narcissuses and Iris.U283. 1,51,5
2002Bunch of Roses.U284. 1,51,5
2002Rose and Chrysanthemums.U285. 1,51,5
2002White Flowers.U286. 1,51,5
2002Tulips.U287. 1,51,5
2002Flowers.U288. 1,51,5
2002Red Rose.U289. 1,51,5
2002Byelorussian Poem "Taras na Parnase".U290. 1,51,5
2002130th Birth Anniversary of Bjalynitsky-Birulja.U291. 1,51,5
2002National park of "Braslavskie ozera".U292. 1,51,5
200210th Anniversary of the First Byelorussian Stamp.U293. 1,51,5
2002With a Holiday of Easter!U294. 1,51,5
2002With a Holiday of the Victory!U295. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U296I. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U296Ib. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U296II. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U297a-c. 1,51,5
2002Gomel. Chapel and Cathedral.U298. 1,51,5
2002For a Healthy Mode of Life!U299. 1,51,5
2002Folk Holiday Kupalle.U300. 1,51,5
2002550th Anniversary of Drogichin.U301. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U302. 1,51,5
2002Mir's Castle.U303. 1,51,5
2002Polotsk.U304. 1,51,5
2002Shchuchin. Church.U305. 1,51,5
2002Minsk.U306. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U307. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U308a-b. 1,51,5
2002The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus.U309. 1,51,5
2002Birth Centenary of P. N. Gavrilenko.U310. 1,51,5
2002Congress of Scientists of Belarus.U311. 1,51,5
2002Festival of National Cultures.U312a-c. 1,51,5
2002The Modern Art of Belarus.U313. 1,51,5
200275th Anniversary of National Archive of Belarus.U314. 1,51,5
2002125th Birth Anniversary of M. M. Bogorodsky.U315. 1,51,5
2002Cities of Belarus. Grodno XVIII - XXI Centuries.U316. 1,51,5
2002Camomiles.U317. 1,51,5
2002Roses.U318. 1,51,5
2002Tulips.U319. 1,51,5
2002Violets.U320. 1,51,5
2002Flowers.U321. 1,51,5
2002Birth Centenary of A. M. Shevchenko.U322. 1,51,5
2002Orchids, Tulips, Lilies.U323. 1,51,5
2002Dahlias, Orchid.U324. 1,51,5
2002Roses, Tulips.U325. 1,51,5
2002Roses, Tulips.U326. 1,51,5
2002Flowers.U327. 1,51,5
2002Roses and Beads.U328. 1,51,5
2002Lilies and Roses.U329. 1,51,5
2002Roses, Lilies and Pinks.U330. 1,51,5
2002Tulips and Orchids.U331. 1,51,5
2002Roses and Orchids.U332. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U333. 1,51,5
2002525th Anniversary of Bereza.U334. 1,51,5
2002100th Anniversary of Paper-mill in Borisov.U335. 1,51,5
2002Holiday of a Crop "Dazhynki-2002".U336. 1,51,5
2002The International Festival of Arts " Slavjansky bazar".U337. 1,51,5
2002Birth Centenary of G. N. Kholostjakov.U338. 1,51,5
200275th Anniversary of the Newspaper "Soviet Byelorussia".U339. 1,51,5
2002Cities of Belarus. Turov XVIII - XXI Centuries.U340. 1,51,5
2002Birth Centenary of I. P. Kozhar.U341. 1,51,5
2002Birth Centenary of E. I. Barykin.U342. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U343. 1,51,5
2002Day of the Byelorussian Writing and Printing.U344. 1,51,5
2002Mir's Castle.U345. 1,51,5
2002Shchuchin. Church.U346. 1,51,5
2002Red Poppies.U347. 1,51,5
200280th Anniversary to National Library of Belarus.U348. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U349. 1,51,5
200275th Birth Anniversary of Ales Adamovich.U350. 1,51,5
2002750th Anniversary of Slonim.U351. 1,51,5
200275th Anniversary of Zoo in Grodno.U352. 1,51,5
200250th Anniversary of the State Academic National Chorus.U353. 1,51,5
2002Monument "Pain".U354. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U355. 1,51,5
2002International Day of Post.U356. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U357I. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U357II. 1,51,5
2002Definitive issue. A.U358. 1,51,5
2002175th Birth Anniversary of M. G. Chernjaev.U359. 1,51,5
2002Oriole - Bird of Year.U360. 1,51,5
2002Happy New Year!U361. 1,51,5
2002Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!U362. 1,51,5
2002Merry Christmas!U363. 1,51,5
2002Happy New Year!U364. 1,51,5
2002Santa Claus with Gifts.U365. 1,51,5
2002Twig of New Year Tree with Ornaments.U366. 1,51,5
2002Winter Wood Landscape.U367. 1,51,5
2002Clock.U368. 1,51,5
2002Birches in Hoar-frost.U369. 1,51,5
2002New Year's Composition.U370. 1,51,5
2002New Year's Composition.U371. 1,51,5
2002Two Bells.U372. 1,51,5
2002Winter Forest and the River.U373. 1,51,5
2002New Year's Composition.U374. 1,51,5
2002Troika and Deers.U375. 1,51,5
2002The Stylized New Year Tree.U376. 1,51,5
2002III National Philatelic Exhibition.U377. 1,51,5
2002Santa Claus with Post Mail.U378. 1,51,5
2002Happy New Year!U379. 1,51,5
200280th Anniversary of Belarusbank.U380. 1,51,5
2002The Modern Art of Belarus.U381. 1,51,5
Postal Stationery Cards
14.03.2002.Birth Centenary of P.S.Molchanov.PSo2522
09.10.2002.History of Belarus Post.PSo2622
09.10.2002. History of Belarus Post.PSo2722
09.11.2002.Birth Centenary of N.F. Sokolovsky.PSo2822
18.11.2002.Birth Centenary of Mikhas Mashara.PSo2922
03.12.2002.Birth Centenary of I.I.Sollertinsky.PSo3022

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