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Postal Stationery Envelopes (commemorative stamp)
27.03.2001.150th Birth Anniversary of A.P.Sapunov.USo201,51,5
29.03.2001.1000th Anniversaries of Drutsk and First Orthodox Church of Belarus. USo211,51,5
06.07.2001.150th Birth Anniversary of Janka Luchina.USo221,51,5
15.07.2001.125th Birth Anniversary of Poetess Tetka. USo231,51,5
16.07.2001.125th Anniversary of Minsk's Fire-prevention Service. USo241,51,5
16.09.2001.Vseslav Bryachislavich - Prince of Polotsk. USo251,51,5
25.09.2001.125th Birth Anniversary of Yan Bulgak. USo261,51,5
03.10.2001.110th Birth Anniversary of A.A.Smolich. USo271,51,5
Postal Stationery Envelopes (definitive stamp)
2001Definitive issue. A.U193a. 1,51,5
2001Definitive issue. A.U193b. 1,51,5
2001Definitive issue. A.U194a. 1,51,5
2001Definitive issue. A.U194b. 1,51,5
2001Definitive issue. A.U195a. 1,51,5
2001Definitive issue. A.U195b. 1,51,5
2001Definitive issue. A.U195c. 1,51,5
2001Day of St.Valentine.U196. 1,51,5
2001Day of Defender.U197a. 1,51,5
2001Day of Defender.U197b. 1,51,5
2001Day of Defender.U198a. 1,51,5
2001Day of Defender.U198b. 1,51,5
200110th Anniversary of National Olympic Committee.U199. 1,51,5
2001350th Birth Anniversary of I.F. Kapievich.U200a. 1,51,5
2001350th Birth Anniversary of I.F. Kapievich.U200b. 1,51,5
2001Women's Day.U201. 1,51,5
2001Congratulations.U202. 1,51,5
2001National Airclub Borovaya.U203. 1,51,5
2001Definitive issue. A.U204a. 1,51,5
2001Definitive issue. A.U204b. 1,51,5
2001Easter.U205. 1,51,5
200175th Anniversary of Society of Frendship With Foregn Countries.U206a. 1,51,5
200175th Anniversary of Society of Frendship With Foregn Countries.U206b. 1,51,5
200115th Anniversary of Chernobyl's Tragedy.U207. 1,51,5
200115th Anniversary of Chernobyl's Tragedy.U208. 1,51,5
2001Victory Day.U209. 1,51,5
200160th Anniversary of Defence of Belarus.U210a. 1,51,5
200160th Anniversary of Defence of Belarus.U210b. 1,51,5
200160th Anniversary of Defence of Belarus.U211a. 1,51,5
200160th Anniversary of Defence of Belarus.U211b. 1,51,5
200110th Anniversary of Regional Co-operation in Communication Sphere.U212. 1,51,5
200160th Anniversary of Defence of Belarus in WWII.U213. 1,51,5
2001International Horse Competition.U214.1,51,5
2001110th Anniversary of Railway Post.U215. 1,51,5
2001History of Post.U216. 1,51,5
2001Building of Shop "GUM".U217a. 1,51,5
2001Building of Shop "GUM".U217b. 1,51,5
2001125th Anniversary of Founding Agricultural School in Mariina Gorka.U218. 1,51,5
2001Feast Composition.U219. 1,51,5
2001Flowers.U220. 1,51,5
200170th Anniversary of Industrial Communication.U221. 1,51,5
2001Independence Day.U222. 1,51,5
200160th Anniversary of Defence of Belarus in WWII.U223. 1,51,5
200160th Anniversary of Defence of Brest Fortress.U224. 1,51,5
2001International Water Ski Competition.U225. 1,51,5
2001World Cup - Concur.U226. 1,51,5
2001Nature.U227. 1,51,5
2001River.U228. 1,51,5
2001725th Anniversary of Kamenets.U229. 1,51,5
200150th Anniversary of Founding of Belorussian Committee of Peace.U230. 1,51,5
20011st September - Day of Knowledges.U231. 1,51,5
2001Feast of Harvest - Dozhinki.U232. 1,51,5
2001Belorussian Tale "How the Cat Frightened Beasts".U233. 1,51,5
2001Belorussian Tale "Not by Force but Intellect".U234. 1,51,5
20012001 - The Year of Child in Belarus.U235. 1,51,5
2001Flowers.U236. 2,52,5
2001Flowers.U237. 2,52,5
2001Bunch of Flowers.U238. 2,52,5
2001Bunch of Roses.U239. 2,52,5
2001Roses with Dew-drops.U240. 2,52,5
2001"Island of Tears".U241. 1,51,5
2001Monument of Ancient Art.U242. 1,51,5
2001Monument of Ancient Art.U243. 1,51,5
2001Monument of Ancient Art.U244. 1,51,5
2001Monument of Ancient Art.U245. 1,51,5
2001Monument of Ancient Art.U246. 1,51,5
2001International Day of Post.U247. 1,51,5
200175th Anniversary Belarussian Theatre in Vitebsk.U248. 1,51,5
2001Birth Centenary of A.Yankovsky.U249. 1,51,5
2001Windmill.U250. 1,51,5
2001Winter View.U251. 2,52,5
2001Candle and Clock.U252. 2,52,5
2001Candle and Decorations.U253. 2,52,5
2001New-Year's Composition.U254. 2,52,5
2001New-Year's Composition with Candles.U255. 2,52,5
2001New-Year's Composition with Decorations.U256. 2,52,5
2001Winter View. Horse.U257. 2,52,5
2001Church.U258. 1,51,5
2001Leaf of Maple.U259. 2,52,5
2001Minsk. Head Post-office.U260. 2,52,5
2001Minsk. Church.U261. 2,52,5
2001Vitebsk. Theatre.U262. 2,52,5
2001Nesvizh. Old Building.U263. 2,52,5
2001Nesvizh. Facade of Old Building.U264. 2,52,5
2001Nesvizh. Town Gate.U265. 2,52,5
2001Nesvizh. Town Gate.U266. 2,52,5
2001Merry Christmas!U267. 1,51,5
2001Happy New Year!U268. 1,51,5
2001Happy New Year!U269. 2,52,5
2001Merry Christmas!U270. 2,52,5
2001Merry Christmas!U271. 2,52,5
Postal Stationery Cards
07.01.2001.Birth Centenary of I.M.Raevsky. PSo1655
07.02.2001.Birth Centenary of V.M.Pola, People's Artist of Belarus. PSo1722
25.07.2001.Flowers. PSo1822
20.09.2001.Belorussian Popular Tales. PSo1922
20.09.2001.Belorussian Popular Tales. PSo2022
09.10.2001.From the Post History of Belarus.PSo2122
09.10.2001.From the Post History of Belarus. PSo2222
24.10.2001.Birth Centenary of Janina Glebovskaja. PSo2322
20.11.2001.Birth Centenary of Mikhas Zaretsky. PSo2422
Double Sided Postal Stationery Cards

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