Clear profile and new brand image at Fachpack 2021

Despite all the uncertainty right now, one thing is definite: the date for Fachpack 2021. The European trade fair for packaging, technology and processing will take place as planned at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 28 to 30 September 2021. Preparations are already in full swing, and registration documents were sent to exhibitors at the beginning of May. Following the scheduled break in 2020, Fachpack will be back in 2021 with a clear profile, a new brand image and a new slogan, "We create the future".

"Environmentally friendly packaging" and business trends at a glance
The new slogan, "We create the future", says it all for Fachpack 2021, as exemplified by the key theme of "environmentally friendly packaging", which remains as relevant as ever. This is one of the ways in which Fachpack is responding to the societal challenges facing the packaging industry. It provides the ideal platform for presenting best-practice options for environmentally friendly packaging solutions in a media-friendly way, and also encouraging positive discussion about them at a public level. On display at Fachpack are recycled or recyclable packaging, materials that help to save resources, reusable packaging and systems, and processes that go easy on the environment. Materials, technology and processes are considered in a new light. Fachpack also draws on all the key trends in the packaging sector, with an attractive supporting programme that offers new sources of inspiration and food for thought, especially in the PACKBOX and TECHBOX forums, and in its many special shows, workshops, meeting points and award ceremonies, the German Packaging Award in particular.

PackPin: the focus of the new brand image
With its design concept, Fachpack aims to be authentic and demonstrate that the trade fair adopts a very personal approach that goes beyond just establishing business connections. The light, transparent visuals come from Fachpack itself, and retain the popular, vibrant orange as the dominant colour. The focus of its new advertising presence is on the Fachpack logo, the PackPin, a modern take on the thumbtack. The shape of the PackPin represents where things are happening in the here and now at Fachpack, the "place to be", where business players meet the idea seekers and create the future. The PackPin also symbolizes dialogue (it does look like a speech balloon, after all) between people and different disciplines. And it embodies the active approach, as it resembles the gripper arm of a machine. The arrow that completes the Fachpack logo also represents the fact that Fachpack leads the way forward: "We create the future".

"We create the future"
The new slogan is short just four words. But it still says a lot about Fachpack. "We" means the community: the exhibitors, visitors, professional associations, opinion leaders, media and the trade fair organizers. Fachpack is a collective experience for everyone, and they fill it with their knowledge and ideas. "Create" expresses what happens at Fachpack. Deals are concluded, ideas are developed, solutions worked out, and familiar and new faces are encountered. And "the future" shows that Fachpack is thinking about tomorrow and boldly moving forward.

When the coronavirus is over, trade fairs will help to get business moving again
September 2021 is not too far away less than 18 months and by then the virus should hopefully be under control or even a thing of the past. Currently, however, there is no clear sign of when this will be, and how the economy will progress from there. Once the crisis is over, trade fairs will help to stimulate business for companies once again, and also reactivate existing customer contacts and build up new contacts in the business world. After all, in the long term, webinars, video calls and VR applications are no substitute for the personal interactions and handshakes between business partners that happen at trade fairs.

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