Bemberg, innovation and uniqueness at Pitti Uomo 96: a special project in the name of smart-oriented experimentation

Bemberg, produced by Asahi Kasei, is the unique and original new generation fiber derived from the smart-tech transformation of cotton linters. In collaboration with AIUFFASS and the Polytechnic University of Milan, a special project featuring lining will be presented at Pitti Uomo (11th-14th June 2019).

An ambassador for values of excellence, originality, innovation, research and quality, Bemberg takes part in the In & Out project created by AIUFFASS (the international association of users of artificial filament yarns and of natural silk), in collaboration with some young international designers and design grad students enrolled in the Design per il Sistema Moda course at the Polytechnic University of Milan's Design School.

These three different worlds share a common vision: in the industries of textile and clothing manufacturing, Made in Italy means research, care, experimentation, technology, passion, dedication, diversification, personalization and interconnection.

This all-encompassing approach guarantees competitiveness within international markets and extreme awareness in the creation of a high-quality production environment where people and their traditions and history are taken into account and respected.

Traditionally used in the inner layers of clothes, it's the lining that takes center stage this time, playing the part of a distinctive and significant element in luxury and design creations. At Pitti Uomo, Bemberg presents some of their very best items, giving support to the main actors of the future and adding values and meaning to their ideas while valuing the characteristics that make them unique.

Uniqueness, excellence and originality, in one word: Bemberg, the material made from a natural resource and symbol of a smart-oriented project aimed at safeguarding forests and their resources. Indeed, the traceable and transparent closed-loop manufacturing process shows the commitment in creating responsible luxury and refined comfort, whose smart heritage stems from a circular economy that gives great importance to each step of the process, from the origin of raw materials all the way to the final stages of the production.

The whole manufacturing process is certified by laboratories that assess its step-by-step qualitative standards, the LCA analysis issued by ICEA and other important certifications such as GRS, Oeko-Tex 100, Eco Mark and the Compostability and Ecotoxicity Certification by Innovhub-SSI.

Moreover, the company is ISO 14001 certified. Comfortable, refined, shiny, soft and smooth to the touch, Bemberg gives a touch of style and charm to any style and use, be it masculine or feminine.

On June 11th, on the occasion of this international exhibition, Bemberg presents Bemberg Friends Dinner, an event for a selected group of professionals of the sector held at an exclusive location. There, you will be able to savor the uniqueness of a vision and an approach that constantly keep in mind social and environmental responsibility.

And since the company has always kept an important focus on people, Bemberg would like to thank Stefano Coda of the Marketing and Communication department, acknowledging the valuable contribution of his work and the commitment he has relentlessly shown over the years.

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