Innovative advertising messengers: Meet PSI FIRST participants 41-50

Whether they're enhancing existing communication options, serve as striking eye-catchers, simplify everyday operations or processes, mark a permanent presence, or protect the environment, all 50 PSI FIRST products have one thing in common: they're absolutely, positively new. PSI FIRST participants generate ideas that provide the industry with innovative solutions to successfully communicate their advertising messages in 2016. We've already introduced 40 companies. Now, just ahead of PSI – the Leading European Trade Show of the Promotional Products Industry in Düsseldorf from 13 to 15 January – we're presenting the remaining ten companies participating in the new-products event. All of these promotional products experts will showcase unique, never-before-seen additions to their product ranges.

Why are innovative bicycle loading options of such great interest to the promotional products industry? That question will be answered by Berlin-based Hangload. Known for inventions, this PSI FIRST participant will also be exhibiting in Hall 12. "We'll be launching a unique and innovative product at PSI FIRST. It's a clever and highly useful idea that picks up on a number of current hot topics like sustainable living, mobility, environmental concerns, health and fitness while at the same time supporting and increasing trade and enhancing the public image", says Darius Hajiani, Hangload's managing director.

Melanie Hesselmann, Marketing Director, Michael Schiffer Promotion

The Post-it Promotional Products launch will serve to underscore just how innovative the world of writing implements really is. "At this year's PSI, Post-it Promotional Products will raise the curtain to reveal a revolution in the promotional products market: we're opening up entirely new communication possibilities for our promotional products at the intersection of haptics and digital. We're empowering advertisers by making communication more measurable, dynamic, interactive and end-customer relevant. A win-win for all and just really exciting!", says Melanie Hesselmann, marketing director of Michael Schiffer Promotion. The company from Rheinberg wants to bolster the innovative power of the industry, because "innovation is the stuff brand value is made of. What's more, innovative power drives our vision and everything we do at Michael Schiffer Promotion. As the makers of Post-it Promotional Products, our mission is to continuously renew our premium brand promise by making this added value more meaningful and vivid. The PSI FIRST club provides the perfect forum to do just that – to celebrate real-life innovation with like-minded peers and set common benchmarks together with the entire industry."

Montse Pera, Creative Director, ARPE Barcelona

Get set for an all-new textile product from ARPE Barcelona. The Spanish company specialises in manufacturing and customising microfibers: "We're participating in PSI FIRST because it's a way to present our most creative products directly to the market and especially to potential customers. We'll treat visitors to a fully customisable product with extreme communication potential. What they'll get is an original, comfy, washable and lightweight promotional product with superior print qualities produced under the highest standards right here in Europe", says ARPE Barcelona's creative director Montse Pera

Additional PSI FIRST participants include the Czech company REDA, which offers a broad range of services from import to printing to distribution. Also taking part will be the promotional electronics specialist Vim Solution and WOW! Products, a provider of a vast assortment of unusual electronics and promotional merchandise. Their new products target visitors like promotional products consultant Ton Lobker, the director of Compacon: "We want to and have to keep up with new products and new suppliers. Our customers expect a proactive mindset from distributors like us. They expect us to supply new ideas for their businesses. That's why new products and innovations are a must. We need them in order to serve as a creative sparring partner for our customers", explains Ton Lobker.

Finishers, too, will come to PSI fully loaded with innovations. Among them will be the next PSI FIRST participant: screen-printing equipment maker GPE Ardenghi. Founded back in 1945, the Italian company finishes everything from writing implements to key chains to cups, bags and umbrellas. Visitors interested in finding out how much innovative potential remains in this segment should head straight to the company's exhibition stand.

Louisa Fluhrer, Managing Director, FluhrerBielefeld-based Fluhrer was a first-time exhibitor at last year's PSI. They're upping their game in 2016 by participating in PSI FIRST: "Following our much-noticed first-time exhibitor appearance at PSI 2015, we're ready to introduce ourselves to a wider audience by launching a new product idea at PSI FIRST 2016. The top-quality product we entered offers a new way to showcase logos or products with extraordinary haptic effects … an interplay of visually appealing surface materials and embossing techniques", explains managing director Louisa Fluhrer.

Developing promotional products into new, improved, more attractive product solutions is critical for the sector. "Above all, we visit PSI to discover new ideas and trends and to meet providers that enable new approaches and possibilities through innovative or unusual haptic items", says PSI visitor Ronald Eckert, the owner of Döbler Werbeartikel. And USB stick specialist USB System will prove that these attributes may well be found in even the smallest products. Meanwhile, ESCHA's assortment runs the gamut from classic giveaways to elaborate items, including everything from children's toys to office electronics. Also presenting a new product in January, ESCHA will join the other 49 PSI FIRST participants in demonstrating the innovative power of the industry.

Some 50 exhibitors will come together for the third time in the PSI FIRST Club at PSI 2016 in order to leverage the trade show specifically for the launch of their new products. It's a way for visitors to experience quite a range of premieres, since the products must not be shown anywhere else beforehand, not even at in-house events. In return, PSI supports manufacturers with a comprehensive marketing package and makes them the focus of attention at the show. This year marks the debut of the People's Choice Award, the first time trade show visitors get to select the winners.

PSI FIRST participants 2016 – No. 41 to 50:
41. Michael Schiffer Promotion GmbH Hall 11/D74
42. REDA a.s. Hall 11/F21
43. Vim Solution GmbH Hall 9/H34
44. Hangload UG Hall 12/M17
45. WOW! Products Hall 12/D25
46. GPE A. Ardenghi Hall 9/H04
47. Arpe Barcelona Hall 10/C01
48. Fluhrer Verlag Hall 12/L02
49. USB System Katarzyna i Maciej Nowak Hall 12/H47
50. ESCHA Hall 11/H31

About PSI
At PSI, the Leading European Trade Show of the Promotional Products Industry, promotional products professionals gain an overview of the trends and innovations of the industry. In addition, special exhibits and show areas are dedicated to an in-depth look at promotional labelling, printing and finishing technologies, inventions and innovations, and much more. At PSI 2015, 873 exhibitors from 38 countries presented their companies to 16, 290 visitors. PSI 2016 will take place in Düsseldorf from 13 to 15 January.

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