it-sa 2015: Edward Snowden’s appeal to the IT security sector

Edward Snowden is largely responsible for the fact that IT security is now more than ever the focus of social and political debate. Directly after the European Court of Justice ruled against the Safe Harbor Agreement, he spoke via live video link from Russia on the third day of it-sa, Europe's largest IT security trade fair.

In his keynote speech "Defense against the Dark Arts: Today's cybersecurity problem and how to fix it", Snowden illustrated the current challenges facing the IT security industry and users. Before around 700 trade fair visitors who had managed to get hold of a seat in the two packed rooms where the speech was being broadcast, he made clear that the battle for more data privacy and security had to be fought at both a policy and technical level. In their customers' interests, said Snowden, all companies should make sure that they always processed and stored their data in jurisdictions where a maximum of security could be guaranteed within the law. In addition, he called on IT security vendors to work together in the political sphere to advocate stricter rules. In this context, the digital economy played a key role, as the common fabric of community nowadays was based largely on digital infrastructures. As an effective method for guaranteeing security in the internet, Snowden advocated a comprehensive rollout of encryption solutions as quickly as possible.

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Appearance at Europe's biggest IT security fair
The platform for Edward Snowden's keynote address was Europe's largest IT security fair, the it-sa in Nuremberg, which was once again a resounding success. A total of 9,015 (up from 7,390 in 2014) experts and professional users got information from 428 exhibitors (385 in 2014) about the entire range of IT security solutions and services offered by this growth market. The special display areas Data Center Plus, IAM Area, Startups@it-sa and Campus@it-sa provided thematic clusters and around 250 presentations on management, technology and trends in IT security offered a wide range of information on current IT security issues. The accompanying congress programme offered the 950 delegates 13 informative lecture series. Congress@it-sa covered a broad selection of topics, from Advanced Persistent Threats to security in the SAP environment. For the third time in a row, the annual convention of IT security managers from regional and local municipalities took place under the umbrella of Congress@it-sa.

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