EMART Energy in Berlin

More than 850 energy trading professionals are expected at the annual EMART Energy from 26-27 November in Berlin, with confirmed attendees including 150 heads of departments, company directors, C-level attendees as well as the top 25 European trading firms.

Traders eager to discuss the identity of energy traders
Says event director Nel Jonk: "EMART Energy in Berlin is the best opportunity this year to have a meaningful debate about the future of the traded markets and the enthusiastic response from the market in terms of delegate bookings so far tells us that traders are eager to discuss their role in the future energy landscape. It is clear that the market is changing and its leaders agree that now is the time to define a vision for the power and gas markets."

Challenges ahead
Walter Boltz, Executive Director Energie-Control Austria (E-Control) and Vice Chair Regulatory Board ACER, is a speaker and opening session panelist at EMART Energy: "For many markets the energy prices are a key competitiveness factor. Knowing which challenges are ahead and how the energy markets are developing is decisive for these companies. All these topics will be discussed at EMART Energy and I am sure that this will be interesting and helpful for the industry."

"While many elements of financial reform have already taken place in energy markets, Dodd-Frank in the U.S. and EMIR, MIFID and REMIT in Europe are bringing further regulatory reform. The development and implementation of these reforms is a key challenge for market participants", says Pieter Schuurs, CEO of ICE Endex. He continues: "at the same time we need to ensure that market liquidity and efficiency are not reduced. One of the most important challenges is to avoid the possibility of regulatory arbitrage by ensuring the international harmonization of regulatory reforms."

More high-level industry experts speaking at EMART Energy:
• Sabine Schels, Head of Fundamental Commodity Research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UK
• Alex McDonald, CEO, Wholesale Market Brokers Association, UK
• András Hujber, Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission, Belgium
• Arnaud Cruiziat, Co-Head of Gas, Power, Coal and Emissions Markets Europe, Société Générale, France
• Christophe Cesson, NRA Cooperation Officer, ACER, Slovenia
• Giles Ward, Policy Officer, DG Markt, European Commission, Belgium
• Thomas Veyrenc, Director Markets Department, Réseau de Transport d'Électricité (RTE)
• Ted Morris, Technical Specialist, Financial Conduct Authority, UK.

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